Whimsical Wednesday: Sinful Treats

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

Finally!  Here’s now a coffee shop in Ozamis that serves Instagram-worthy food presentation and it is in the body of The Coffee Lounge!  As mentioned in my Feature Friday blog entry of the said café, I love it there since they do not only serve coffee but also non-coffee based drinks for non-coffee drinkers like me.  And here are a few of their sinful treats I went gaga over last holiday season:

Green Tea Kit Kat

I always love drinking tea!  May it be black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, or green tea – I love every variety of it!  And this one is such an ingenious blend of tea-ing!  It is so smooth and the sweetness is just so right.  With the added Kit Kat wafer, it is a blast!  I highly recommend this drink so you’ll also experience closing your eyes as you take a sip of this!

Mango Tango

This crêpe is so soft and so light to the stomach.  It is so savory with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!  Try this and be a little bit Frenchy in the big OC!

Pink Banana

Banana milkshakes are so healthy because bananas are rich in potassium.  If you cannot get your child to eat bananas, then have this as your weapon!  They will surely love this and would definitely ask for another glass or more!

If ever you’re already bored with same old menus being served to you, come and visit The Coffee Lounge at Royal Garden Hotel along Burgos corner Zamora Sts., Ozamis City!


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