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Reaching Camiguin either by air or by sea can get you to a 360-degree tour in the island born of fire.  Clockwise or counterclockwise, just choose any direction as you please as long as you never miss out one of its natural treasures.  For my recent trip with LSU Math-Science Department, we had land and sea trip from Ozamiz to Balingoan Port which is Camiguin’s gateway for 7 long hours and an additional hour for the ferry trip to the mystique island.  The ferry trip costs P170 per pax plus P15 terminal fee and a van costs for P1,300.  That’s a whole lot of money compared with what we have here in Ozamiz to Mukas.camiguin
Then it also took us 30-45 minutes to get to our accommodation, the Dreamland Beach Resort in Yumbing.  Honestly, we found the place small as we got there.  I myself got a bit disappointed for the photos over the net show a big pool that I mistakenly found as olympic-sized.  Well, I guess that’s the trick of getting good angles in taking pictures.  I also have mine with my point-and-shoot-only technique.  Hehe…..

But Dreamland’s rooms didn’t disappoint me.  They are very spacious and for only P2,500 a night which is good for 4 pax, it’s indeed a great deal!  And I’ve never seen a more spacious bath and toilet in 3-star hotels my entire #tosomtravels life.  This just impressed me more!  With air condition, heater, electric kettle, cable TV, and WIFI, I give Dreamland a two thumbs-up!

By the way, breakfast isn’t included in the P2,500.  A complete brekky in Dreamland only costs P100 with rice, egg, choice of bacon, corned beef, hotdog, tocino, or ham and hot choco, coffee, or juice.  It’s definitely sulit to the pocket!  I recommend Dreamland Beach Resort for a homey feel at Camiguin.

Now let’s start our journey from here!  Right across Dreamland is the ever pure White Island.  I was just surprised that there are already make-shift cottages in the place.  The first time I visited the island when I was in college, it was still bare.  But now, there are already tables and chairs plus shade.  It was hard to find a clear spot for picture-taking.  However, the sea is still so blue and so crystal clear.  The island is still made up of pure and fine white sand.  I noticed that it had changed its shape through the course of time.

camiguin white island
It was sunset when we got there and it’s still dangerous to go there during high tide ‘coz the island would vanish by then.  Pumpboat ride already costs P450 for 6 pax and entrance fee is P25 per pax!  That costs an arm and a leg compared with what was before.  Nature has already become income-generating.

camiguin white island1
Though already expensive, the place is still enchanting and this costs ah este calls for jumpshots!

The Math Wizards
The Math Wizards
The Science Geeks
The Science Geeks

To end our half day in Camiguin, we had a relaxing evening at Ardent Hot Springs.  It’s just nearby White Island as well as Dreamland for us to save time.  Entrance fee is only P30 per pax and cottages start at P100.

The water is 37 to 42 degrees Celsius which calmed our muscles from the very long trip we had.  We found foreign acquaintances there especially the very cute smiling baby, Vivian.  She’s just so adorable!  🙂

The following day, we paid homage to Via Crusis or Walkway.  In college, I reached the top together with my classmates but this time, I only reached the second station with my other colleagues didn’t even try to climb up the stairs.

And right across the Walkway is the Sunken Cemetery.  The whole area sank during the fatal volcanic eruptions of Mt. Vulcan from the years 1827-1875 (  This time it had become one of the tourists’ spots in the island.

For only P20 boat ride, you can also get “perfect”ly choreographed photos by Kuya Jeffrey.  It was just so “amazing” and “fantastic” to have him take our photos.  Go find out and check for yourself on how artistic he is ‘coz “he got it”!  I guarantee you, you’ll surely enjoy to the max!

Also nearby is the Old Church Ruins.  Just like the cemetery, the church also experienced the wrath of volcanic eruptions.  Plenty of lives and properties were lost and I felt the melancholy of the past as I entered the sacred place that turned out to be another tourist spot.

camiguin9camiguin ruins
At the back of the church is a sort-of garden where a centuries old tree is taking its root.

From quiet a distance is the Bura Soda Swimming Pool.  The soda water comes from a volcano which has therapeutic claims.  We swam for a while and I even tasted the soda water from the drinking fountain.  It tasted foul for me but when added with sugar, I think it’ll definitely taste like Sprite or 7-Up.  Entrance fee is also P30 and cottages are at P100 up.

Next stop was the Tuasan Falls.  It’s not as majestic as Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls in Iligan so we just had our picture-taking.  There’s no entrance fee here!

Half of the day again passed by and we had lunch at R. Polarman Refreshment.  Honestly, it was a mistake for choosing the place.  Imagine that after placing our orders, the staff hurriedly went to the market to buy the ingredients.  They didn’t inform us that we had to wait for an hour and a half for our food to be served.  Thecalamares tasted good but the sisig was not sizzling and it was soupy with too much butter.  Sad to say, I can’t give them a two thumbs-up. 🙁  However, the food is guaranteed fresh and crisp from the kitchen (and market).

After lunch was siesta time inside the car on our way to the Giant Clams Sanctuary.  Snorkeling costs P350 per pax and here’s only a few underwater footage courtesy of Sir Aldrich.


To end our Camiguin getaway, we checked into town for some pasalubong shopping.  Of course, there are Camiguin delicacies like pastel, honey, and calamansi juice.  And what was new to me is the squid chicaron.  I super loved it!

So, have we completed a turn around the island?  Yes, we had completed the circle!  For a day and a half, you can also do the same.  However, we had skipped other tourist spots.  From my first visit years ago, the Sto. Niño Cold Spring was replaced by Bura Soda Water Pool now.  The Katibawasan Falls by Tuasan Falls.  And I missed revisiting Mantigue Island which was my favorite part from our field trip years ago.  Though twice in other spots, I got prettier pictures than before!

Again, I have to say this.  Camiguin is such a place to be!  It got everything to offer – from land, upland, sea, under the sea, cold & hot springs, and waterfalls!  It also got an overabundance of flora and fauna which is ideal for student and family field trips.


Visit Camiguin to start your #libotpinas journey ‘coz it is still more fun in the Philippines!
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