Saturday Surprise: A Weeklong Indulgence

Saturday Surprise is all about the good things in life ought to be celebrated!:)

I thought I’m not gonna have something to write for The Other Side of Mae‘s third year anniversary celebration.  As a matter of fact, I had started to write this:

“And it’s The Other Side of Mae‘s 3rd year anniversary week!  Last year, I had a weeklong anniversary celebration.  Can I have something like that again this year?  But I doubt if I can.  As I’m gathering up my brains now, I cannot think of anything like that to post.  Now what is wrong with me?  Where is my creativity?  Where is my writing capability?!!!  I just can’t think of ANYTHING!”

But I only saved that in draft because a sweet surprise suddenly came my way which paved way to a brilliant idea of a different kind of celebration!  And it is to roam around Ozamiz and see business establishments that I don’t frequent because it’s heavy enough for my pocket.  So here’s what I did for The Other Side of Mae Year 3!

To my surprise, I had completed another weeklong celebration that was never planned!  I never planned to splurge in only a week!  I never planned to squander money just to have sosyal blog posts but it made me feel good.  It made me experience a Patty Laurel life!  Feeling mayaman lang ang peg!  Can’t this girl just have a break?!  Yeah, this has been a very selfish act but I’m no Abnegation.  Eversince I was selfish so, be it!  I’m even selfish to share my life with someone else.  Maybe this is the reason why I’m still single up to this date.  Hehe….

But anyway,

“Sometimes, people just want to be happy, even if it’s not real.” 

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