Smart But Unwise

That’s exactly who I am!  After all the denials, I had accepted the more-than-fact/truth of me being a teacher.  But for the longest time, here I go again doubting!  Why on earth did I ever involve myself into this very dreadful fate that I had kept on running away from?  God, I don’t wanna regret forever in this decision that I had made.  What should I do?  Is it too late for a change?  But I swear, I had done things to let me learn to love my rightful profession (From One Career To Another To Another).  Or maybe I’m just paranoid with fear.  I don’t know.  I really don’t know….

I just hated this mind-boggling situation again now because the person who has the guts to scold me in my stupidity did it again!  Telling me that I’m smart but unwise like a slap on my face!  Yet, I’m thankful because that just shows that you’re still watching me.:)

But for your information,

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Photo from Web
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