Dahilayan Forest Park

dahilayan forest park
Adjacent to Dahilayan Adventure Park is a more-fun-to-be-there-not-traumatic-to-the-guts “playground” – theDahilayan Forest Park.  After our crazy death-defying zipline experience at the former park, we checked-in to the latter for a light happy-goody atmosphere.  In this vast piece of land, we find an array of life-size and surreal American Indians and animals that the place somehow becomes a mini zoo for the kids to see the actual animals they only see on TV or in books.

dahilayan forest park3

An Actual Dog at the Center
An Actual Dog at the Center
Actual Koi in the Lower Left
Actual Koi in the Lower Left

As a kid-friendly rendezvous, the Dahilayan Forest Park has a well-facilitated and safe playground that kids would surely don’t wanna go home ‘coz they’ll never get enough of it.  They have plenty of recreational equipment to choose from like the slide, seesaw, swing, overhead ladder, monkey bars, etc.  So let your children enjoy the wide outdoor in this kids’ awesome haven!

dahilayan forest park4dahilayan forest park5
Adults can also enjoy the forest park’s light activities compared with serious ones in the adventure park as ATV, luge, bungee net, treetop adventure, and zorbit.  But still, precaution must  be observed before doing the said outdoor activities for everybody’s safety.

dahilayan forest park6
Since the whole park is dedicated to the whole family, they also have a bigger picnic area surrounded by pine trees.  Cooling shade, calming scent, picturesque scenario all rolled into one great place, what more can you ask for?  That is just so fantastic!  I felt that I was in the movie Twilight when we were there picture-taking.

dahilayan forest park7dahilayan forest park10
And aside from bringing your own food, you can also have a taste of their own home-cooked meals at their cafe.  We didn’t have the chance to eat there for we were still full with the lunch we had at Pine Grove.  But when I checked the menu, their prices are quiet affordable.

dahilayan forest park2
As an overall experience, we never had any dull moment at Dahilayan Forest Park!  So tag along your whole barkada or family to enjoy a day in Bukidnon this summer.  You may also have an overnight stay at this ultimate playground so better click here for more information and reservation.

dahilayan forest park11
Watch out for my post tomorrow for another summer adventure only here on The Other Side of Mae!  #tosomtravels

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