Weeklong Sinulog Special: How to Cut and Style Your Old Shirt

I’ve been fangirling Laureen Uy since I discovered her fashion blog last 2012 and here are some photos of the Laureen-effect on me!

Laureen’s Neon Accessories
Laureen’s Peplum Dress and Masquerade Mask
And my latest Laureen craze is the Islands Souvenirs Cut and Style Sinulog Shirt!  As I arrived in Cebu, I immediately checked-in into Islands Souvenirs main branch.  But it was already packed with people so I backed out and shopped for my store’s supplies first.  After shopping, me and my cousins went back to Islands Souvenirs and girls were still queuing for their shirts to be done.  So I just decided not to get one shirt for I didn’t have enough time to wait.


However, in the evening after watching the fireworks compet at SM, I decided to drop by the Islands Souvenirs boutique.  The same story, still packed with people!  But it was a great thing that the shirts were being cut and styled by the store’s window so we got to see how the shirts are being done.  Additionally, I felt so wise because I had brought my 2007 Sinulog shirt with me to Cebu meaning, I didn’t have to queue just to purchase a shirt!  So, I did my own cut and style version at home!  Now here are the photos to tell you how to cut and style your old shirt!

My 2007 Islands Souvenirs Sinulog Shirt
Cut the Neckline
Cut the Sleeves
The Old Tee is Now a New Sexy Top
Cut the Hem
Shred the Bottom of the Shirt
Fold the Center of the Backside of the Shirt
Cut the Center of the Backside
Even Cutting of the Back
Unfold the Backside of the Shirt
Stretch Each Strand of the Fabric
Overlap One Strand to the Other Starting at the Top
Evenly Distribute the Spaces in Between Strands
Cut the Last Strand at the Center
Make a Hole by the End of Both Sides of the Strands
Insert One End of the Last Strand to the Hole and Tie Into a Knot
Do the Same to the Other Side
Cut the Sides of the Shirt Just After the Braline Down
Stretch Each Strand of the Fabric

So there goes my DIY Sinulog shirt!  I was so happy for this accomplishment!  I was surprised that I had worked hard by myself to be stylish!  Weeeehhhhh!!!  And here’s another evidence of my Laureen Uy fanaticism!

Islands Souvenirs Cut and Style Sinulog Shirt
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Hope you had fun DIY-ing with me! 🙂

So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!

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