I love love love teas as I’ve been reiterating every now and then here in my blog!  Teas of all kinds, from different roots, in all flavors, hot or cold.  I am just so overly addicted to tea!  If there is a good addiction in this world, it would definitely be my penchant for teas.  So every time I pass by any tea shop or kiosk, I never hesitate to check and taste what each offers.

It’s visible to us that nowadays, tea shops and kiosks are getting plenty so as it is the fad especially the milk teas.  It is very affordable to put up such kind of businesses ‘coz raw materials are sold at the very cheap cost.  However, we have to be careful in choosing the right milk teas that will be good to our physical bodies because 1. the tea might not be properly steeped that can give it a high toxic level, 2. some of the raw materials especially the flavorings and tapioca pearls are synthetically made, and 3. such raw materials are generally made by low-cost manufacturers in China.  So, don’t gamble your health over cheap milk teas in mall stalls or just-around-the-corner food stands.  Know the brand first before checking-in and tasting just like the one we tried in Ayala Terraces Cebu last month.  It was not only thirst-quenching but also gave us a whole new experience to tea!


So Dakasi was the name!  Dakasi is a Chinese term which means “big cast”.  Their logo star I presume, symbolizes a “celebrity” star which plays the main character of the story.  Through its wide array of selection, Dakasi truly is a big cast of stars that entertains us in having some quality tea time pleasure.


Unlike any other milk teas around, Dakasi’s have their origin from Taiwan.  Every ingredient they have is fresh from the pick!  In fact, 1. they brew just enough tea to be consumed right away, 2. they do not let it set for hours just like the tapioca pearls that they replenish every three hours, and 3. they even make their own sugar and ice to ensure maximum protection for optimum cleanliness.  Just imagine that!  Isn’t it amazing to know how such a tea shop thinks of the welfare of its customers?  You would definitely feel loved once you get to taste a cup of Dakasi!


In our visit, I tried the Jasmine Milk Tea as it is my favorite and very rare to find.  It is smooth, creamy, milky (of course), aromatic, therapeutic, and not too sweet.  I certainly enjoyed every sip of it!  Papa had hot Kumquat Green Tea, Mama loved the Okinawa Milk Tea and cousin Cang2x tried Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea and she said that the pearls are not rubbery as the others.  They’re soft and chewy and plenty in the serving!  Hehe…..

So, up for some quality tea?  Never mind the splurge and go for the natural and fresh teas of Dakasi!  Visit their FB page here for their menu and list of branches nationwide and all over Asia!  🙂 So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!


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