Squeezing in 10 Before 10

As a full-time university faculty, entrepreneur, and freelance raketera, it is so important to me to manage my time sooooo wisely.  So with this, I have to establish great effort in squeezing in my daily activities to the 24 hours God gives me in a day.  To start with, I have derived a formula and that is 10 before 10!  This is just 10 simple things I do before 10 AM and here they are:

1.  Skinvest

Sometimes, we tend to take for granted our skin due to the busy schedule that we have.  We just take a bath and that’s it!  But do you know that you can still take good care of your skin while taking a bath in a hurry?  Yes, you can!  The secret is to use the right product that could do the work.  I am using my very own goat’s milk and olive oil soap.  It keeps my skin fair, smooth, and protects it from the sun’s harmful rays.  To try one, visit Fascino now!


2.  Eat Power Brekky

As I always say again and again in this blog, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  If you are in a diet, never skip breakfast.  Breakfast powers up your day and all the energy you need for the day starts with having a proper breakfast.  So make your breakfast always a complete meal.  I guarantee that you can surely function well if you are a breakfast-eater!


3.  Start Class

I have my 7 AM class daily!  Some people loathe this class sked so early but I love it since the minds of my students are still fresh despite their sleepy heads.  Hehehe…..Waking them up with physics is such a great challenge to me!


4.  Open Store

After my 7 AM class, I drop by my store to open it.  It is a must to open up business establishments early in the morning to welcome positive vibes.  Welcoming a buena mano would foretell your sales for the day!


5.  Cleanxercise

Cleaning the store can also be an exercise. With the music loud, body fats can burn while you had also done worthwhile to your surroundings!


6. Walk Home

I reiterate this again!  I always walk around our city.  It keeps me fit and healthy!  But I don’t walk when the sun is so up already and when the rain is pouring so hard.  Walking has just become already a habit to me!


Listen to God’s Word 

In contrary to what must be done which is “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”, I do this after doing the above things already.  I am still on the process for this because it is still sooo hard for me to wake up earlier than my waking time.  Anyway, love is patient.  God is love.  Therefore, God is patient. 🙂


8.  Prepare for Classes

Preparing for my next classes and checking papers are next to the list.  As a teacher, I have to be ahead of my class all the time specially now that I am teaching college students.  Coming to class unprepared is never my thing so I always study to give my classes what they deserve.


9.  Take a Bite while Writing

Having a quick bite would recharge your mind with energy aside from filling in your half-empty stomach.  Doing this while writing a blog entry could save up time before 10 AM!


10.  Go Out Again and Seize the Day Further!

My day to day living is not a routine.  I see to it that there are practices to change, habits to alter, and some rules to break.  I don’t want to be monotonous.  My 10 before 10 formula can be interchanged, can be revoked, and can be invalid at times.  Of course, when I am too busy with school work, I’ll prioritize it first above all else.  In short, I can do compromises.  But I always make sure that everything I’m doing in a day are all worthwhile.  I don’t laze around and just goof around.  Leave me without nothing to do and I’ll definitely go nuts!

Lastly, it is so great to lay down in the evening previewing your day’s accomplishments and thanking God for the things that you’ve done.  Now I’ll ask you, have you done something in your day?carpe-diem

There are 24 hours in a day. But I wish it were 25 so I could squeeze in everything I wanna accomplish in just one day. Seize the day, everyone! 
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