Macau’s Extravagant Hotel Lobby Shows

Free hotel lobby shows wowed us in Macau!  These are the Tree of Prosperity at Wynn Macau and Fortune Diamond at Galaxy Macau.  These shows are open for public viewing at 30-minute intervals daily.  That’s how hospitable Macau hotels are to their visitors – spending extra for their guests’ extra pleasure.  Just for a brief period of 5 minutes, one can surely feel the grandeur each hotel has to offer.  So let me share to you these amateur vids taken by my sissy June Ann for you to have a glimpse of how magical Macau is.

Tree of Prosperity

This is a choreographic show of music, video, and light with Chinese astrological symbols and the tree of prosperity which rises from below at the finale of the performance.  The tree is composed of 24-karat gold and brass leaves which symbolizes auspiciousness.  Visitors are encouraged to drop a coin and make a wish.  Beliefs like this really do wonders to me as always proven and tested!

Fortune Diamond

This is another choreographic show of music, light, and water this time.  This is more than just a fountain show which is inspired by the resplendent plumes of a peacock.  The laser lights are so colorful plus you will be dazzled by the shimmering chandelier that hangs from up above and be surprised by the 3-meter tall fortune diamond that rises from below behind the waterfalls.  Just like the tree of prosperity, the fortune diamond also symbolizes abounding prosperity and good fortune.

Hmmmm.  Was that a mere coincidence or what?  Two extravagant shows on prosperity and fortune?  Well, that just lead us to what our future will be!  Hehe….Praise God for the intervention!

More posts on our Macau experience to come so stay tuned to The Other Side of Mae! 🙂

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