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Feb-ibig ibig ibig, Feb-ibig ibig ibig……

Hehehe….  That’s just ABS-CBN’s theme song of the month that I just heard of and watched its music video on the second to the last day of February!  Buti nalang nakahabol pa since I haven’t spent that much time over television these past weeks ‘coz of again, busyness!  With that, it was also my very first time to post only one blog entry for an entire month!  I never thought I could put off blogging from my priority list.  Is that how a busy bee I am already?  Or talagang kina-career na ang pagiging supergirl wannabe?

Anyway highway, I’m asking for a little extension today and let me just imagine it as still, love month!  So today, March 1, 2017, I am writing another love story that hopefully, kapupulotan ng aral.  Haha!  Sorry for writing this in Taglish, guys.  It’s 7 AM and it’s raining outside.  I’m still savoring the February feels so it is legal for some senti-senti.

To start with, my February feels began last February 15 when CCF Ozamiz hosted Love Begets Love, a singles’ Valentine celebration.  Have I already mentioned CCF to you before?  CCF by the way, is Christ’s Commission Fellowship, a non-denominational megachurch in the Philippines founded by Pastor Dr. Peter Tan-Chi.  It was years ago when Ate Belle invited me to join a DGroup (discipleship group) but out of the abundance of my heart while enjoying the world, I declined.  Years later, I was surprised to be invited again by my high school classmate, Pen2x but still, I didn’t oblige.

Until such time 2015 came when God rescued me from the pit.  Long story that is, I still didn’t go out to have fellowship because of another long story.  Then I realized that I can never be alone in my walk with God.  So last year, in my own freewill, I asked Pen2x to bring me to her DGroup.  Praise God that through seeing my ladies for already a year this week, I am growing again in my journey to follow Christ.

Here I go again with my endless introduction.  We haven’t reached the meat of this post yet.  Hehe…. Now back to the love month!  As a single adult and in my case I’m overstaying in this status, it is inevitable to grumble and get impatient while waiting for “the one”.  I had gone through heartaches, disappointments, and worst, desperation.  Not that I’ve been into a boy-girl relationship ‘coz I never had a boyfriend since birth.  I just always took having crushes too seriously which was definitely wrong in my opinion ‘coz crushes should just be treated as shallow and puppy love should not be considered as your whole world.  I was always immature then until God reminded me of His great love for me!

So on the day after Valentine last two weeks ago, God impressed in my heart that I am actually very blessed to be single.  Apart from owning my time, I can do whatever I want, I can go wherever I want, I can be whoever I want, and I can spend whenever I want!  ‘Di ba that’s a great privilege?  No one’s there to hinder me from being who I wanna be and from doing things I wanna do.  Above all, I can serve our living God with all that I am!  Isn’t that great news for us, single ladies?  That’s exactly true to all of us!  We don’t have liabilities and we are unbounded!  We can actually become mighty women of God with our undivided attention!

However, there’s still that part of us that longs for “somebody”.  Agree or disagree?  I don’t want to sound hypocrite but though we are complete and filled with God’s love, the flesh still has its needs.  This time, God gives us the freewill to choose either to gratify the needs of the flesh or to stay pure for Him.  It is not wrong to desire for a partner because it is God who created us, our total being including that desire, and He was also the one who created marriage.  What I’d like to point out is, God also supports us in our love lives – a love life that must be done in God’s way as what Love Begets Love taught me.

CCF Ozamiz Singles DGroup

If only I’ve known that before.  FYI, from my youth, I tried flirting the unsuccessful way.  I tried chasing and pursuing and everything were epic fails!  Thinking about it now just makes me laugh!  Just for instance when I sent hints to my crushes and did the first move, they never paid any attention.  Yikes!  And for the last boy whom I’d nursed a soft spot in my heart, well, I just told him straight on his face two years ago that I still loved him.  I got rejected right away!  It was so humiliating and what I wished was for the ground to swallow me whole right at that very moment!  Isn’t that shameful?!  Gah!  That was beyond shameful!  So shameful, so hurtful, a big slap on my face!  As much as I wanted to rewind and undo what I did, I could never unwrite this awkward past.

“Past is past, let’s not discuss” as my students always say when I review them with our lessons.  But with that past of mine, I learned my lesson to never do the first move to a guy again!  And this was strengthened by another message from God last night during PSALM’s event for the youth, Road to Forever.  Aside from being a book in the Bible, PSALM is also the acronym for Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement Inc.  It is an interdenominational campus ministry that provides evangelistic programs among young people.

I was so glad for the opportunity to be invited along with my students.  Jollibee Drive Thru party area was jam-packed with students from La Salle University and Misamis University!  It is always a total riot among the teens when the topic is LOVE.  Truly, love can make the world upside down!  Perhaps you are now reminiscing the very first time that you fell in love.  Hmmmm….  Adlib again!  Hehe…..

Last night, I was more than happy to be knowing more people with the same principle as I’ve been treasuring, the 3 M’s:  Master, Mission, Mate!  I’ve already shared this to you once here and I would like to reiterate.  Since it took me ages to master that I have to put the Master first, I’d like to send this message to the youth that they should not waver in their faith.  Please, please, fix your eyes on Jesus.  Eyes on the prize, honey!  Do not falter.  The world is good, yes, but pure joy and total happiness?  Only Jesus can give that!

Then mission.  Mission should be what can we do for God and not what we can get from God.  All of us are given gifts and talents.  Not one organism is the same from the other.  We are uniquely created according to God’s purposes.  In this regard, God gives us the mission as soon as we’ve known our identity in Him!  Once our mission is loud and clear, let’s accept it and do everything we can, of course, being equipped with God’s strength and all for His glory!

And here we go with the most awaited M – the mate!  Now this goes for my girls:  as girls, ladies, women, it is not our duty to do the first move!  I just learned of this teaching this week.  Thought that I’m a matured Christian?  Still learning and growing to be one here so don’t get shocked.  Just last Thursday, I got convicted that it is not the woman’s responsibility to find a man because it is the man’s duty to find her! (“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.”- Proverbs 18:22)  In contrast to the world’s teaching that we should give motibo to the guy we develop a liking with which I’m still guilty of, we should never give hints.  For it is also God’s duty to bring us to our man! (“Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.”-Genesis 2:22)  And that’s what God impressed to me during last night’s event!  So girls, you now know what to do!  And message for the men?  Well, just don’t go breaking our hearts, eh!  Hehehe…..

See how God orchestrates everything?  We grapple, we fall, we flip, we flop!  Bottom line is, let’s just start letting go and letting God.  Let’s just be still and sit pretty while WAITing for God’s perfect time!  #Don’tRush

Road to forever? Well, that’s gonna be the 3 M’s: Master, Mission, Mate! And this concludes my love month.  Another love story of God’s reassurance of His great and unfailing love for you and for me!

PSALM Ozamiz

A big thanks to my CCF family, PSALM, and to my students for making my love month so sweet as ever! 🙂

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