Tapioca Pearls Recipe

Here’s another delectable way to enjoy tapioca pearls aside from the conventional pearl coolers.  It’s so easy to prepare, light on the budget, and proudly pinoy-made dessert – the Tapioca Salad!  Now, bring down all the ingredients!  (Candy Crush line lang po…..)

1/4 kg      tapioca pearls
1 kg         mangoes cubed
1 jar         nata de coco cubed
1 bar       Eden Cheddar Cheese diced
1 can       condensed milk
250 mL   all-purpose cream

Then, here’s how:

Boil the tapioca pearls until tender.  Stir occasionally so pearls won’t stick together or into the pot.  Replenish with water so the mixture won’t dry out to have that perfect consistency and al dente finish.

Mix all ingredients in a ref-friendly container according to the order listed above.

Chill tapioca salad before serving.


Enjoy eating the chilled salad to cool you down this summer season.  Kids and adults alike will surely love this recipe for its blandness and sweetness.  Plus, it is very healthy for its high calcium content from Eden Cheddar Cheese.

Truly, being pinoy means being very inventive and creative.  From machinery and equipment to food, we are just one of those adventurous guys who’ll take the risk in experimenting whatever might be of good to put together.  Just like this recipe, it is a mix of anything that might be of good taste and luckily, the ingredients complement each other thus making it another pinoy favorite panghimagas!

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