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At the heart of Ozamiz City, there was the humble home of Engr. Tercero “Tersing” Decena Bala and Mrs. Mercedes “Cheding” Tumamak Bala who were blessed with seven children namely, Ur, Al, Jade, Ray, Jude, Lena, and Paul. They were living comfortably for the couple had stable jobs. Tercero, being a mechanical engineer was working as a plant superintendent at Misamis Lumber Corporation which was an electrical company and now MOELCI II. Meanwhile, Mercedes was a History and Economy teacher at the high school department of Misamis Colleges, now Misamis University (MU).

As a mother, Mercedes had this passion for baking cakes to delight her children. She would buy the ingredients at Misamis Soap and Candle Factory which was the only supplier of flour and other baking ingredients in Ozamiz at that time. Her co-teachers knew about her baking abilities so they started bringing-in their ingredients and let Mercedes bake for them. Then it became a hobby for her to bake cakes not just for her children but also for her co-teachers.

Eventually, her co-teachers got tired of bringing-in their ingredients so they requested Mercedes to sell the cakes she was baking. So she sold the chiffon cakes for only P3.50 each. Through word of mouth, Ozamiznons started flocking into their house at Gomez St. to have a taste of her scrumptious cakes.
In no time, Mercedes realized that money was in the cakes. So she resigned from her teaching job in 1968 and concentrated on her cake business. Moreover, her kids were growing up and with six boys, she had to be there to oversee them. She needed more than enough time in order to discipline them hands on.

bala family ozamizThe Bala Family Taken in 1977

Then she taught all her kids how to bake. All of them learned but it was only her fourth son, Ray “Yayang” who showed much interest. His first task was making icing letters and flowers for the decorated birthday cakes when he was still in second year high school. He became his mom’s little assistant and subsequently, he developed a skill for icing cakes. He grew up helping his mom in the kitchen and after he finished college, he formally studied baking and cake decorating at the Philippine Women’s University in Manila in the year 1987.
And Yayang’s skills were further enhanced. With that, he became his mom’s partner in the business. When he got married to Josephine “Joan” Lumasag in 1992, Yayang took the business more seriously. Furthermore, Joan helped him in product research and development as well as new technologies in baking and cake decorating. And in 1997, Mercedes formally turned the business over to the young couple. Thus, Mom’s Sweet Delight was the name given to it.

mom's sweet delight ozamiz1Gomez St., Ozamiz City

With Mercedes’ sweet delights, all her children finished college and they are now successful in their careers:

  • Ur – forester, now living in Australia
  • Al – commerce graduate, owner of Mom’s Eatery
  • Jade – nautical, now living in Australia
  • Ray – commerce graduate, owner of Mom’s Sweet Delight and current Brgy. Kagawad of Ozamiz’s 50th Barangay
  • Jude – electrical engineer, now living in Australia
  • Lena – renowned ballet dancer and instructress, now living in the United States of America
  • Paul – nurse, now living in the United States of America

mom's sweet delight ozamiz2Yayang Supervising His Cake Shop

Not just that. Mom’s Sweet Delight also paved the way for other people not their own flesh and blood to get their diploma. To name a few, they were

  • Marciana “Neneng” Pandac – BS in Home Economics graduate, now living in Canada
  • Elma Villanueva – BS in Education graduate, now living in Canada
  • Eve “Ging2x” Andos-Arsula– BS in Secretarial graduate, now employed at Cebu City’s Supreme Court
  • Loribeth “Amay” Geonson – BS in Secretarial graduate, now manager of Fely’s Pawnshop Cagayan de Oro
  • Malen Conol – BS in Business Administration graduate, now working at Fely’s Pawnshop Ozamiz
  • Rochie D. Cebedo – BS in Commerce graduate, still working at Mom’s Sweet Delight
  • Jenelyn T. Lapera – currently in second year college taking up a BS in Secretarial course, still working at Mom’s Sweet Delight

mom's sweet delight ozamiz3A Glimpse of Mom’s Busy Kitchen & Receiving Area

Currently, Yayang is continually honing his skills by attending seminars in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro City. His dream is to keep his mother’s legacy while doing his best to attain longevity in the business so he could also pass it on to Ryann Gift Lumasag Bala, their only daughter who is showing interest in cake baking and decorating at an early age.

Mom’s Sweet Delight is indeed a fruit of a mother’s love. I myself had experienced the sweetness of this fruit for I also grew up playing in Lola Cheding’s kitchen. Me and my cousin Judelyn “Dayday” were so restless disturbing the adults while they were working. But we also helped in handing in some ingredients and sometimes, in making icing flowers. We also had chances to bake! But sad to say that until now, I never learned to bake. My cakes were always failures. Luckily for me, I still have Mom’s Sweet Delight up to this time who’s always taking care of my birthday cakes!

100_7022My First Birthday Cake


100_7026Actually Taken at the Balas’ Living Room

18thMy Eighteenth Birthday Cake

27 & 29

Since this is my birth month, I am giving away a chocolate cake from Mom’s Sweet Delight! Simply answer this question:

“If you could give a cake to someone special, who would it be and WHY?”

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