That September Feeling

It’s indeed -ber month with all the balloon orders we’ve got this week!  When fourth quarter of the year strikes, it means that businesses are doubly hellish!  I’m getting excited with it and I wanna celebrate!  So what story can I write about this?  Should I make a statistics out from it?  That would be boring…..I’m not that business kind of person as you might be surprised knowing this.  Hehe….However, I still have that high energy to write tonight.  I must write something but I just couldn’t think of a story…..

However, lonesome September gets into my nerve again!  I’m being reminded of these screen shots (that I’ve been keeping) of a probable story.  Here they are:

on moving on2on moving on3on moving on1

on moving on5

on moving on4

Anyari?!  Senti lang ang peg?  It’s supposed to be a celebration but look at that!  I already promised not to write nega things here (reiterate lang po para klaro).  Oh, I should not post this!  However, I have to……

In this time that I don’t have people to call true friends, I have no one to talk to.  In this time that I’m doubting who my true friends are, I have no one to rely on.  So I just have to write my heart out.  Wala namang bumabasa ‘eh!  So here’s the deal.  If you’ve come to stumble upon this post, patatawarin po…..

Anyway, this was just one heck of a life!  One heck of a story!  Years had passed and it’s still him.  Now I’m starting to hate myself.  Why could I just not forget him?!  I thought I’m done writing about him here.  I thought I’m done letting go of him with a song.  I thought I’m done with him in this post.  There must be something wrong with me!  I must be sick!!!!!  I must be gaga!

starting over again

Lines from Starting Over Again
But I can’t help it.  Do I need professional help?  Do I need a shrink?  I think I’m dispersing down my wits.  I am just so pathetic!  He had already taken away my years with him.  I’ve been lost since I lost him.  I have not been living since he left.  Does loving only come once in our lives?  That once you break it, you can never make it again?  Then I’m reminded of the movie which put me into buckets of tears months ago.  I haven’t written about it for months because I want my post on it to be something special.  It’s none other than KathNiel’sShe’s Dating the Gangster.  It’s a movie of pure great love!  It’s a movie which I can again relate with.  And now’s the time to write about it because of this “special” September feeling I have.

Just like young Athena’s line,

“Thank you for the 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours, 57 minutes na pagmamahal.”

it was brief but timeless.

Also young Athena’s line,

“Gusto ko nang itigil ito kasi nagiging totoo na….. Totoong nagugustohan na kita.”

it was shallow but meaningful.

And Kelay’s line,

“Ang love story daw nila ay isang malaking kaso ng bad timing.”

it was wrong but worth it all.

Finally as the movie ends with adult Athena’s line,

“After years of waiting, seeing what you’ve become now – …..  It was all worth it.”

Would he still be worth it?  Can I still do this?

she's dating the gangster review

Is he the only one?  Is he the only one great love?  Can I still have him beside me on my last breath?

Photos from Web
Photos from Web

Surely, that can’t be answered yet.  With all this weirdness, I think I must just sleep!  As if I can sleep!

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