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Oh, how I love street food!  As far as my memory is concerned, I’ve been enjoying fishballs even before fishball carts started to roam around Ozamiz in the 80’s.  Well, I just had them in Lipa though Mommy Becky always restricted us to eat street food for we might get Hepatitis out from it.  But together with my sister and cousins, we always sneaked our way to Bahayang Pilipino‘s assortment of fishballs, balut, scramble (the milkshake),halo-halo, etcetera, etcetera!  And when kwek-kwek came in the early 2000’s, Harley and I were the first avid fans of manong kwek-kwek in Lipa Medix Medical Center.  That was the time when Gpa got always confined though.  Anyway, may my love for street food sprang from Lipa City, Batangas, it’s always with me and grows even stronger as I take it away with me wherever I go!

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Apart from Vietnam, Thailand is also known for its thousands of varieties of street food.  I was so glad that we happened to pass by a rather “clean” sort-of-bazaar-makeshift market beside MBK Shopping Center where we had our exotic fried insects and hot steamboat.  Aside from the photos below, also click here for my vlog on it.  And aside from having the country’s famous Pad Thai at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, we also had some street food in the literal streets of Bangkok.  Here, sanitary don’t care!  I would always care less when it comes to food!!!

street food thailand
Now here they go!  Pardon me for not knowing all the names of these foods but just allow me to make you hungry by flooding your eyes with these photos.  It also added to my happiness that the vendors in Bangkok are not rude and fraudulent as in Hanoi so I took photos as I pleased.  Fresh fruits are also abundant everywhere in the streets but not all kinds are available especially the ones that we had in 5-star Baiyoke Sky Hotel.  Happy salivating (or yuckying for some), everyone!

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Though we had unlimited street fooding, we also had real meals in Thailand.  We just didn’t have much ‘coz brekky was covered at our hotel.  Here are some of the carbodydrate-based dishes we like/love/dislike (according to taste preference).

bangkok street food

Our First Meal in Thailand

Looks can really be deceiving.  We can never judge a book by its cover.  I underestimated this small carenderia right beside our hotel.  The noodle soup tasted really good, a comfort food after our long travel from Manila.  The pork toppings was like humba but it is more tender yet crispy.  These are the only two dishes the carenderia offers and each only costs 50 Baht (P93.50).  The serving is quite ample that can be shared by two so more value for your money.  It’s like being transported to Vietnam where we felt like millionaires spending our peso.  Hehe…..

bangkok street food6

Eating on a Mat Right on the Street

This was the most memorable eating experience we had in Thailand!  This is my favorite even!  This made my Thailand tour if I may add.  Hehe…..  We really enjoyed selecting the ingredients and cooking by ourselves this steamboat soup.  It’s like Japan’s shabu-shabu that costs an arm and a leg in any Japanese restaurant but this one is very affordable as it is being served by the streets.  This complete meal only costed us 195 Baht (P364.65) for 5 pax!  Cheap as it is but it is beyond compare with the expensive ones.  The broth is really tasty with spices I couldn’t really figure out.  I’m not much of a foodie but I can guarantee you that this is a must-eat in Bangkok.  This make-shift eating place was located right beside MBK so if you’re lucky enough, you may catch them there.  Do cross your fingers though.  Hehe…..

bangkok street food2

Satisfying Lunch

From MBK to City Complex Pratunam, we had lunch in this mall’s foodcourt.  Again, I didn’t note for the names of these dishes ‘coz they’re unreadable.  I just pointed out to the pictures on the menu when I ordered.  Gladly, each combo tasted right to all our taste buds so nothing was left on the plate!bangkok street food1

A Rather Expensive Meal

I think it must be the aircon that made Zaab Ver expensive.  For quite small servings, a 675 Baht (P1,262.25) total cost is not worthwhile for me.  But if you want to really amp up the spice of your life, do try their spicy squid.  Promise, it made my tongue and whole mouth on fire!  I was about to cry because the dish was super hot and spicy that even I, who have a higher tolerance for spicy food couldn’t deal with it.  It was indeed, punishment to the taste buds!

So from the streets to hole-in-the-wall  restos to decent air-conditioned ones, you can truly get a fair share of authentic Thai food experience (with lotsa lemongrass) around Bangkok.  If I enjoyed me and my JCI bestie’s Vietnam food adventure last year, I enjoyed much more in Thailand for I shared another great fooding experience with my family!  Though some of them are a bit picky and not adventurous enough, they were also game to do the feat with me!  Wishing for more family bonding OOTC’s in the future! #tosomtravels #tosomeats

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