Filipino-Style Pad Thai

             Serves:  5                                                                          Cooks in:  15 minutes
             Preparation:  15 minutes                                              Country of Origin:  Thailand

             1/4 kilo mongo sprouts                                              salt
             1/2 kilo flat noodles                                                   pepper
             4 eggs                                                                            paprika
             1/2 kilo shrimps                                                         peanuts
             1/2 kilo squid                                                              lemon
             3 cloves garlic                                                             dried chili

             1 bulb onion

pad thai recipe


     1.  Saute garlic and onions.
     2.  Add shrimps and squid.
     3.  Add the eggs and mix together.
     4.  Add flat noodles.
     5.  Mix in mongo sprouts.
     6.  Season with salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.

     7.  Serve hot and garnish with peanuts, lemon, and dried chili.

pad thai recipe2
Though Filipinized, also see to it that this dish still has its authentic Thai taste.  So when in Thailand, don’t forget to bring home some local spices to conjure up memories from a flavorful trip!

pad thai recipe1
See my World Nomads recipe entry here for our story behind this very famous dish in Thailand, Pad Thai!  For an authentic recipe, visit The Royal Budha’s site here.  Click also below for related posts on Amazing Thailand!  #tosomtravels #tosomeats

pad thai1

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