Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Seeing the panoramic view of a city makes us know the city even more.  So when we went to Bangkok, we checked into the city’s highest point to see its entirety on top!  Unlike Hong Kong’s The Peak, Bangkok’s uppermost place is directly accessible by just using a series of elevators despite Victoria’s very challenging inclined tram ride.  Heights, heights, heights!  I still have cold feet over heights!  But I also wanted to have a bird’s-eye view of Bangkok so the challenge was still accepted!As we reached the 74th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, we saw the same things as what we saw in  Ocean Park’s Old Hong Kong attraction.  The experience was not new to us but still, it was special for Auntie Lourding ‘coz it was her first time to go abroad.  So we had our fun pictorial in the floor’s display of Thai stuff!
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Then off we went higher up to the 86th floor of the hotel!  Papa appreciated it so much because he’s always fond of land area, acres of land, and so on and so forth.  Bangkok’s skyline is just like Makati’s here in the Philippines and not too impressive unlike Singapore‘s and Hong Kong‘s.baiyoke sky hotel4baiyoke sky hotel7After our sight-seeing, we binged into eating Thailand’s tropical fruits in the Fruit Buffet of the hotel.  Though the Philippines is also in the tropics, there are still other varieties of tropical fruits that don’t grow here in our country and are abundant in Thailand.baiyoke sky hotel (1)
Aside from fresh fruits, there are also frozen fruits, steamed fruits, preserved fruits, and candied fruits.  This tour was indeed a sugar-loaded one!baiyoke sky hotel5
What I loved most in their wide array of selection are the guava mini cakes.  They’re so fluffy, not too sweet, melts in your mouth, and oh so heavenly!  I also enjoyed a great helping of durian because this exotic fruit is so expensive here in the Philippines.  Auntie Lourding also had ample servings of her favorite dragon fruit ‘coz it’s also expensive here, more than the durian is.  Mama munched on plenty of cashew nuts and disliked the grapes that were sour.  Papa was amazed by the lemongrass juice and my sister Laling had developed a liking for pomegranate juice which was not too good for me.  And our common denominator were the dried mangoes because the slices were really big and they’re not too sweet.  It is evident that the mangoes were manufactured naturally, having its own sweetness and not just through artificial sweeteners.  With this, a visit to Baiyoke’s Fruit Buffet is highly recommended!

baiyoke sky hotel6

At 350 Baht (P654.50) per pax, our Baiyoke Sky Hotel visit was so worth it because it is also listed as the fifth world’s tallest hotel!  I’m not yet done with my Thailand posts.  Watch out for more here on The Other Side of Mae! #tosomtravels #tosomeats

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