Birthday Surprises

It has been a week since my birthday so pardon me for posting this late.  Busyness at the store is really eating up all my time and drains me so much that I get tired feet every time I arrive at home and just want to lay down my aching body from the standing and rolling and blowing of balloons!  Ha!  OK, breathe…..  Inhale, exhale.  So thanks to my Physics laboratory class at the moment that I get to write this entry for you, blog readers.  Rewind, October 12, 2015!

My day started with a not-so-good mood.  My birthday fell on a Monday, a very hectic day.  No party was planned for the day ‘coz I got school and store to attend to.  8:00 to 10:00 AM was spent at the store, preparing balloon orders for the day.  10:00 AM to 2:30 PM was spent at school, without any reminder of my birthday.  In fact, I even forgot that it was my birthday until 2:30-4:00 PM came when I went back at the store.  Surprise #1 arrived from Atsi Ann!!!

Atsi Ann never fails to forget my birthday since we met in 2009.  She’s  just the sweetest!  I always receive food, trinkets, and any little sweet something from her.  Every now and then, her tindera just pops up in my store’s door, delivering Atsi Ann’s love to me.  She’s just the Atsi I never have.  Thank you, so much for everything, Atsi Ann! 🙂  We may seldom see each other but I know that you’re always there for me.  As you always say, you’re just a text away!  Hehe….  Luv yah! <3

Then surprise #2 came from my Physics majors when I get back to school for my 4:00-8:30 PM class!  The assigned reporter, Daryl requested to borrow my ID so she could get a speaker from the multimedia office for the presentation of her report.  While she was searching for her file in the laptop, I saw in the screen the filename, mam mae so they were busted for what they were about to do.  But not totally busted anyway.  I was still surprised.  Hehe…..  They presented a VTR and the other Physics majors appeared with balloons and a cake.  I was super happy!  I thought they didn’t remember my birthday but they did and they even took really big effort in putting up a surprise for me.  I was deeply touched!

They sang Thank You of Nikki Gil and gave each of their wishes for me.  Then we had dinner courtesy of me (nakakuot jud c ma’am!  hahaha) and had a little talk.  They also gave me a very creative pop out sort-of-slumbook birthday card.  It was really a remarkable surprise from my Physics majors ‘coz it was my first time to be caught unguarded like this in La Salle!

Teachers can have as plenty of students for the entire lifetime. But students can only have at most 25 teachers for the entire lifetime (in my calculation). This I can only say: for every student I had, have, and will have, I’m trying to leave a mark. Hope these photos will always remind you of me. I love you, Physics majors! 🙂 <3

After my class, I went home already light-hearted.  It was my birthday indeed!  With how my day went, solve na ako not knowing that another surprise awaits me at home.  My sissy June Ann prepared a little something for me.  She ordered take-out from Gat’s, our fave cold-cuts, baby backribs, and bihon guisado.  She bought me a cake, too!  I am forever thankful to our youngest sister who is always so generous to us!  Though she is the youngest, she never have whims and capriciousness unlike me.  Hehe….  Thanks Ma, Pa, Ep2x, and Laling for always understanding and considering me.

And my day ended with a smile on my face!  I had celebrated my birthday after all!  I thank God for giving me another year to live.  I thank God for surrounding me with people who loves and accepts me.  Just like the day before my birthday.  Kuya Jun2x efforted to cook our family’s dish, Utan Bicol.  He prepared a birthday dinner for me at their payag with the whole family.  And thanks also to my ever supportive Auntie Lourding for the birthday prayers! 🙂

Not to mention, Mama also gave me an advanced birthday gift. <3  Thanks for this luxury, mom! 🙂

Lastly, I also got to celebrate a post-birthday merienda at McDo with my former storekeeper who sadly betrayed me.  The cause of my stress, troubled mind, and unhappiness a week before and during my birth week.  But I forgive her in my heart already.  I just pray that God will touch her heart because only she can help herself and the situation she’s in.

So that’s it, blog readers!  I am not indebted of a birthday post anymore.  Hehehe…..  Thank you so much for always bearing with me! 🙂
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