Ep2x’s Birthday

My sissy Ep2x celebrates another year of life today!  Though we’re miles apart, we still celebrated her birthday like she’s still at home.


It all started with a spaghetti request.  Ella and Reija were asking for spaghetti yesterday but Nanay Esther didn’t grant their request because she had loads of laundry to do.  So for today, I cooked sweet-style spaghetti for them by adding condensed milk and made it extra cheesy by topping it with lots of Eden Cheddar Cheese.  They love the spaghetti so much that they ate platefuls of it!

Then Mama bought pork chop and bangus (milk fish) for grilling, making it more appetizing with guso (seaweed) salad.  Topping it all for desserts, Don2x bought a cake and Auntie Bebot bought ice cream!!!


Our family celebration was just so simple compared to the birthday girl’s celebration in Malaysia. But we enjoyed so much with the kulit kids and two other house guests.


Straight from Ozamis to Singapore with love, we love you Ep2x!!!  Wishing you good health, long life, and protection!  Mwahugz! 🙂 x


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