Sinulog 2015 Day 1

My every year starts with booking tickets for Sinulog.  I do it every first Saturday of the year and this year, I was shocked!  I thought I’m always being early but ships to Cebu were already fully booked as early as December.  Why did Sinulog instantly become a hot iron to strike?  I’ve been going to Sinulog since I was a child and this was my first time to encounter such trouble over finding tickets to Cebu.  Luckily, my colleague found cheap plane tickets via Laguindingan.  However, the dates were totally outskirts from the actual Sinulogday.  I had to leave my classes and stay in Cebu for five whole days which I thought was a total sacrifice albeit the land and sea trip to Laguindingan.  But I did!  I did went to Cebu by hook or by crook!  Too much effort lang ang peg ni Dora the Explorer!  So now, this was the first day of my Sinulog 2015!

With Sir Jezreel and Sir Marvel at Laguindingan International Airport
With Sir Jezreel and Sir Marvel at Laguindingan International Airport

We were welcomed by my high school classmate/college roommate/Cebu buddy, Hermesa at the airport.  After ages of not seeing her, we got so excited!  We got to talk a lot of things while ignoring the other two at the backseat.  Hehe…..

sinulog cebu1
Then she treated us lunch at Ayala Terraces’ Pepper Lunch!  The food was great but it’s not suited for people who are already hungry.  The hot plate was so hot that even after 15 minutes or so, the food is still smokingly hot.   And I’m not talking of the spicyness here (I can tolerate that).  It’s the literal hotness of the food that delays you into savoring it.

pepper lunch
After a very brief time, Mimi had to leave for work so i queued up for my Islands Souvenirs Cut and Style Sinulog shirt while waiting for Cherry Ann.

sinulog cebu2
When Cherry Ann arrived, we had light snacks at KFC because we still don’t have KFC here in Ozamiz.

kfc ayala cebu
Then we roamed around Ayala and met Cherry Ann’s friends, Ricky and Jet for dinner at Ulli’s Streets of Asia.  Everything Asian is in the menu which made me miss Singapore for its delicious Hokkien mee that I had helpfuls of serving.  However, the Yakitori-Style Barbeque was a bit salty for my taste considering that I’m the salty type of person.

ulli's streets of asia
To cap the night off, we proceeded to Whatever KTV Bar to hear the voice of Ricky (the Giant, a once famous DJ here in Ozamiz.  Hehe).  Indeed, his voice was effin’ good that he grabbed all the 100% scores of the videoke machine.  After a few drinks, we went straight home to recharge for the next day of my Sinulog 2015, the longest Sinulog I’ve ever had!

whatever cebu

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