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farmacia elizabeth

Nestled along 21-A Washington St., Ozamiz City is a very busy and flourishing drugstore, the Farmacia Elizabeth.  It is owned by a pure Chinese couple named Ong Lu Hiong Suan aka “Suan Lu” and Imelda Lopez Ang.  The pharmacy has been operating for over 41 years which started when Imelda decided to put up their own business after her experience in handling a pharmacy in Plaridel as a pharmacist.  And as a true-blooded entrepreneur, Suan Lu supported his wife in putting up the family business.

Farmacia Elizabeth was named after Queen Elizabeth II of England for the pharmacy was established by the time when the queen sat in throne.  It was also the year when Imelda gave birth to her second child thus giving the same name to her, Elizabeth L. Ang.  Moreover, pharmacies nationwide have female names so “Elizabeth” was perfect to be its business name!

As a family business, all 3 children of Suan Lu and Imelda attend to their business hands-on.  The eldest son, Henry who is an entrepreneur oversees the administration.  Elizabeth who’s a pharmacist like her mom is in-charged of the consultancies and legalities.  While the youngest, Shirley takes care of the business management.

All 3 siblings take care of their business as much as they could.  They work hand-in-hand in furthering what their parents had started.  They value unity in their family in order to protect their parents’ legacy.  The business started-up with sweat and blood so everybody in the family cooperate to keep what they had already attained.

With their father’s sound advise “Once you gain trust, keep it and nurture it”, Farmacia Elizabeth is now one of the top drugstores in the city.  Having a personnel of 10-12 people, the pharmacy can cater to each customers’ needs.  And with the phase they are successfully experiencing today, they are planning to branch out at the nearest possible time.  So, visit Farmacia Elizabeth for all your medication needs and you’ll be sure to get quality drugs at the most reasonable prices!

farmacia elizabeth ozamiz

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