Saturday Surprise: Simpleng Hiling Granted!

Saturday Surprise is all about the good things in life ought to be celebrated!:)

Once a year, there’s this peryahan at Cotta in time for the fiesta celebration and it is not every year that I get to visit it.  When I was a child, I always loved to go to a peryahan so I could ride the carousel and enter the horror house.  It always made me feel giddy with excitement every time the peryahan started installing and assembling at the back of Gaizano.  But as I grew up, I lost interest in visiting a peryahan because it already bored me with its monotonousness.  Additionally, the peryahan is now unlike before which had plenty of rides, gimmicks, and shows.  What is left now are only remnants of the peryahan from long ago comprised of a Ferris wheel, two caterpillars, a carousel not of horses but of Jollibee, and plenty of pasugalan.

However, I secretly wished to ride the Ferris wheel again as I passed by at Cotta two weeks before the fiesta.  As an acrophobic, I wished to feel the fear again and shout until my lungs content!  My cousin Rio and sister June Ann agreed to visit the peryahan with our pamangkins Ella and Reija but it always rained every night for the entire week the other week.  Then fiesta was already about to end when we never got to the peryahan together.  Fortunately, Marvel went to the store right on fiesta day!  We agreed to stroll around the city so I got the chance to jokingly tell him that I wanted to ride the Ferris wheel.  Surprisingly, he agreed with me!  And more fortunately, we bumped into our sweetheart friends Gabriel and Reloufe at Gaizano.  So off we went to Cotta for our fun fiesta ride!

Then I was so excited upon queuing for our tickets!  Finally, I’m gonna get to experience the thrill of just spinning around and feeling to get on top of the world! (Para namang ang taas ng Ferris wheel na ito!)  But anyway, at least I could have that kind of adventure again.

At last, we got into our compartment and our excitement heightened.  We had so much fun while on the ride because Reloufe got instantly dizzy.  We teased her and shouted to the operator to have the spinning faster.  But our request was not granted since the chubibo is already ancient and there were also kids on the ride.  So, we just had a moderate-spinning wheel and Reloufe blamed it on me every time the wheel goes down because it made her more nauseated.

And within fifteen minutes or so, our ride was already up!  We thanked God for our safe landing and that we’re still alive.  I also thanked Marvel, Reloufe, and Gabriel for accompanying and accommodating me.  If it were not for them, I couldn’t have my simpleng hiling granted.  It really pays to have some good friends around who give into your kalokohan and konsenti you from time to time.  Again, thank you dear friends for all the love and support!  🙂

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