#12daysto32 Day -3: Foot Spa Party at Ai Sui House of Beauty

And the celebrations continue!  There are still 15 more days before my birth month would end so make-the-most-out-of-it lang ang peg ng lola nyo!  It’s a great thing that my sissy is still in town to sponsor a foot spa party.  Hehe….  Scroll down below for photos of our fun-filled afternoon at Ai Sui House of Beauty.

As we all know, the feet carry our total body weight.  The feet go here, go there, go everywhere!  The feet are the most abused part of our body especially mine since I always stand during classes, stand in blowing and printing balloons at the store, and walk from school to store to house, vice versa.  So for today, my feet deserve a pamper-me session!  Foot spa, foot massage, and pedicure totally make happy feet!

What a relaxing aftie we had that I’ve dozed off!  The gentle strokes of the massage just made me give in.

A cupcake for the sweet tooth and a hot tea for detoxification.  Thank you so much to the kind staff of Ai Sui House of Beauty!  I was wearing a two-toned bangle from Mrs. Rita Co, slip-ons from Mama, and dangling dolphin earrings from me.  Thanks for the company, Cheryl and Marlon!  Happy feet equals happy us!

Visit Ai Sui House of Beauty along Gomez St. and DABA, Ozamiz City or you may check their other treatments here for more information.

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