Tuna and Mushroom Piccolo Pizza Recipe

Piccolo is the Italian word for little.  Since buying pizza from the pizzeria costs a lot, here’s a very simple pizza recipe that you can conveniently do at home.  It is very cheap that you can have more than enough for the whole family!  Here it is:
Loaf Bread Slices
Pizza Sauce

Kraft Cheddar Cheese


1.  Spread pizza sauce to loaf bread slices.
2.  Add tuna and mushroom.
3.  Top with Kraft Cheddar cheese.
4.  Dash with oregano to taste.
5.  Heat up in an oven toaster for three minutes.
6.  Enjoy eating with the whole family.


Kraft Cheddar cheese is the best source of calcium for strong bones and teeth.  For moms out there, make this simple recipe to delight your kids’ afternoon snacks.  It is very healthy for growing kids to have an ample dose of calcium everyday!  Click here for more Kraft Cheddar cheese recipes.
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