Into the Sea of Married Men

Disclaimer:  The content of this post is purely an opinion of the writer.  Any resemblance to real life situation is accidental and unintentional.

Men are generally/instinctively/naturally/normally polygamous!  It is innate for them not to be satisfied with only one woman!  It is typical for them to have two or three women at the same time!  They are just too adventurous to explore, too inquisitive to test, and too curious to experience!  It is their great pride to taste as many viands as they can!  As Jackie Mason said, “Eighty percent of married men cheat in America.  The rest cheat in Europe.”

So what’s with these married men that they just couldn’t stay put?  And without women (apart from “the” wife) showing them attention, could they still be having illicit affairs?  Then why are  there single women still entertaining them?  And why do these single ladies find them irresistible?

One reason is primarily the male to female ratio in which women outnumber men these days.  So some single gals are becoming less picky and just settle for whoever comes in hand.  Their raison d’être, there are no single men available so why not just get hitched with the married ones?  As Sam (Andi Eigenmann) agreed in A Secret Affair, “‘Di siya masasaktan kung hindi niya alam.  That’s why we’ll keep it a secret affair.”

Another reason is the thrill of the adventure!  For who would not want an exhilarating roller coaster ride, right?!!!  Some women nowadays are getting out from their shell, becoming radical, carefree, and wild!  Especially in this modern generation, women are getting edgy that it is “in” for them not to be tied up in marriage.  That’s why sometimes, they just want to do away with the baggage of having real relationships.  They just go for the casual sex, no label set-up, with no strings attached!  They are just too selfish to share their lives with somebody else.  So as what Kara (Anne Curtis) provocatively said in No Other Woman, “No pressure.  Just shut up and kiss me.  And don’t you dare fall in love with me.”, they just simply want to have fun and go with flow….. 


Additionally, another reason had been recognized to be low self-esteem on the part of those single ladies because some of them believe that they cannot get their own man.  They think of themselves as lowly individuals, being in the least of priorities of men.  Nonetheless, they like endlessly waiting for a man to be with them.  They feel that they do not deserve an exclusive and loving relationship thus they prefer having something in hiding.

But this women are only women – generally/instinctively/naturally/normally weak!  It is innate for them not to overcome temptation!  It is typical for them to give in and surrender at the same time!  They are gullible, easily trapped with sweet words and endearing actions.  They are just so susceptible to any man who has the ability to swoon them!

Now let’s rationalize the issue.  Who are the real culprits?  The polygamous men or the weak women?  As we all know, two can play in a game.  So there is no right-headed men nor women who would want to play with fire.  Nobody would ever dare to put their lives in a cliff.  Then again like in all ill-fated circumstances, people having illicit affairs are just victims of desire.  Because as what Sari (Bea Alonzo) regrettably quipped in The Mistress, “Walang babaeng pinangarap na maging kabit.”

So to all vulnerable single women out there, watch out for married men who are just actually lurking around.  They are like mighty lions waiting to catch their prey.  Yes, they do are oh so fuckingly hot, but you have to guard yourselves.  Do not be deceived by their subtle tactics for you might just end up going deeper to a very complicated situation from which you cannot easily get out.  Yes, it’s great to be stupid sometimes but you have to also prepare yourselves for the bitter consequences that would definitely follow.  So as an advice, just beware sailing into the sea of married men!

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