When Benjie Weds Annalyn

Walking down the aisle is every girl’s dream.  Finding “the one” is everyone’s life goal.  And I’m so happy for another friend of mine who realized and materialized both just last month on her wedding day!

When Benjie weds Annalyn, every detail is planned accordingly.

wedding essentials

When Benjie weds Annalyn, everybody gets really excited!

wedding preparation
When Benjie weds Annalyn, two families unite as one.
filipino wedding
When Benjie weds Annalyn, vows are solemnly made.

wedding vows

 When Benjie weds Annalyn, close friends are there to share.
wedding entourage
When Benjie weds Annalyn, kids have their part too.
kids in wedding
When Benjie weds Annalyn, everybody enjoys the revelry!
wedding dance
When Benjie weds Annalyn, everything falls perfectly in its place!

wedding confetti

Congratulations and best wishes once again, Mr. & Mrs. Benjie Adobo!  We are so happy for the both of you!  We pray for you to have a blissful marriage and a lifetime filled with love together.  Through thick and thin, take care of each other and your future kiddos of course.  Looking forward for little Benjs and little Anns to make kulit with.  Stay in love and make Christ (not Kring2x. hehe) as the center of your relationship.  We, the solid, liquid, gas friends are just around!  We love you! 🙂 <3
wedding party
All photos above are courtesy of FOTO Crime Lab (FCL).  HMUA:  Nej Firm Pequiro.  Flowers and set-up:  Guilbert Oringot.  Gowns and coordination:  House of L.  Ceremony:  Immaculate Conception Cathedral.  Reception:  Royal Garden Hotel.
 In continuation to the #SisterhoodOfTheTravelingVeil, two down, two to go!  Who’s gonna be next?

sisterhood of the wedding veil

And this is just another #tosomweddings post.  With love,

always the bridesmaid never the bride

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