To the Single-Hearted this Valentine’s Day

“…..grieving and mourning over the past for a long period of time won’t get you far.”

Hannah Joy Lim

Exactly two years ago, I had lost a love for a plethora of reasons.  Since then, I’ve been nursing a broken heart.  Well, it’s just me.  It’s just my weakness to easily accept, let go, and forget.  Additionally, moving on is not just my thing.

However, time had prompted me to accept, let go, and move on.  And as I’ve read my student Joy2x’s article in Expressions (MUHS’ school paper), I had been enlightened.  Yes, her words were echoing in the idle confines of  my hypothalamus, bull’s eye straight to my already numb heart!  And I think it’s about time to get over it!  I have to believe again that everything happens for a reason and there’s no point of me lamenting for what I’ve lost!

So now I’m hoping for my silver lining.  Though the “next please” hasn’t arrived yet, I just have to be positive that it is coming the soonest!  And for the still single girls like me, just

to the single

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But for those who had already found their match, make Valentine’s day a more memorable one by making your loved one feel special.  Valentine Sweet Nothings are now available at Fascino! 🙂 FFF
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