Cute Little Somethings Along Haji Lane

Remember Got to Believe?  Remember Chichay?  Here goes where she painted murals in Singapore!!!  The Haji Lane! 🙂

Haji Lane is a street in Singapore where the most charming shophouses are situated.

Shophouses are common in Singapore where a family can have both a shop and a house in only one rented part of a low rise building.

But the twist in Haji Lane’s shopshouses is the way they are artistically designed and uniquely fabricated.  Now here are some pinterestingly fun photos of cute little somethings along Haji Lane:


So if you’re gonna have a chance to visit Singapore, never miss to see Haji Lane!  Load up your camera with a full battery and an empty memory card so you could take snapshots in all corners of this eclectic shopping district in Asia.

Come over to Singapore!  Visit for more information on SG tourist attractions! 🙂

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