Whimsical Wednesday: If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

I’m addicted with pictures!  I have a vast collection of photos and photo albums since I knew the word “picture”!  I am just so elated with delight as I see this class picture of ours ages ago (credits to Mise for scanning and posting this in FB)!  In this photo, we were still in Grade 2 with Mrs. Carmen M. Guangco as our class adviser and subjects teacher in Pilot Laboratory School.  Mind you, this class was the cream of the crop in the 90’s being the first ever SPED class in the whole of Misamis Occidental!  Well, this just shows and proves who we had become today.  Now, let me test my memory bank if I could still name my classmates way back then.

Taken at Gabaldon Building
From top left:  Eduardo Maghanoy, Ian, Gino Carpio, Ronald Malaluan, Stalin Mirabueno, Kirk Benjie Gonzales, Kurt Zion Boncales, Andrew Aldikke George Buot, Felix Zandro Neri, Jojie Arellano, Jan Michelle Lomanta, Melanie Piquet, Virginia Gumantaron, Lizcel Cagaanan, Zharisse Lavendina, yours truly, Susie Ponce, Alma Grace Terez, Elaine Vargas, Brenda Jim Murga, Yonna Villanueva, Eunice Rae Gallego, Esther Caroline Guangco, Jane Ann, Juliemie Gelbolingo, and Alan Odelon Lomanta.

I’m 99% sure that all the names listed above (except for the Ian boy and the Jane Ann girl) are correct and not misspelled (kill me if I’m mistaken)!  And this I proudly did without even looking a copy or did any research! (boastful smile) However, my apologies to the married girls who had already changed their surnames and I also wonder how Ian and Jane Ann are doing now…..

If a picture paints a thousand words, this one does!  Who would have thought that this class had created a doctor, lawyers, engineers, nurses, teachers, IT experts, office administrators, and a model!  Thanks to Mrs. Guangco who had molded us into fine and competent individuals!:)

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