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Bored of the usual burger and fries from the usual fastfood chains? Up for something Israeli? There’s this food stall I just recently discovered in our city that serves something new to the taste buds. It’s Burger Land Juice and Dessert inside Ozamiz’ leading department store, Unitop.  Me and my storekeeper, Jing2x happened to check-in the place the other week for a quick merienda after closing Fascino.

ozamiz eats
Burger Land’s serving of shawarma is bigger than the other shawarmas served around. It is an international-size serving that will do as a complete meal for dinner. The meat is so tender with fresh veggies and tangy sauce. It really has authentic Mediterranean spices with that different kick to the bite! However, the flat bread is a bit thicker which makes its insides soft and not crispy.

ozamiz burger

After one shawarma down, we promised to try their burger some other time for we were already so full with the shawarma alone.  So once inside Unitop, grab a bite at Burger Land Juice and Dessert! #tosomeats

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