A Desperate Housewife

In a luncheon party at my friend’s house, I happened to encounter a 30-something married woman. She wore a loose T-shirt, knee-length pants, rubber slippers, and a gloomy face with scrunchy on her head. In short, she was a sore eye to me! She was undesirable to talk to but she talked! She worried a lot about her kids who were left at home.
At first, I was trying to ignore her but suddenly, she blurted out something about her husband. She said that she’s very discouraged with her life because of her husband. “Huh?”, was the only thing that first popped out from my mind. I wondered so I gave her a fraction of my attention.
Then she looked at me with a “I once was like you” look. I hated it and I gave her a “Who are you?” look. She then told me and the other guest in our table that she once was slim, had donned beautiful dresses, had worn make up, and had never went out of the house without her hair done right. “So what?!”, I told myself rolling my eyes. Then she added that everything would be so different if you’re married, have a husband who turned out to be a monster, and have kids.
She then told us how her life was when she was younger. According to her, she was once a what-she-wants-she-gets kind of girl. She had lots of suitors but ended up with the guy whom everybody in her family hated because they didn’t see any good thing about him. But she was so in love with him and disobeyed her parents (as what she always does anyway according to her) just to be with him. So, she married the guy and has two kids with him.
After an against-all-odds marriage, the perfect gentleman she knew suddenly became a complete asshole! Her husband became a drunkard and a drug addict. On the process of telling her story, I was so dying to ask her why won’t she just leave her husband. She was so pathetic! I always hate women who are martyr and who sacrifice a lot in the name of love! Just from her story, I could tell that she’s totally a different person from who she was before the marriage or to be accurate, before she fell in love with the person she married. She didn’t even finish college because of the guy! Well, he just promised her the moon, the stars, the universe indeed if she’s gonna marry him. But all the promises in the world were broken.
In contrary, she’s the one who’s providing for her family. She’s working hard selling bananaque at her kids’ school. A classmate from college saw her one time and asked her what happened to her. She answered back “This is my destiny”. The heck with destiny! Why blame it to fate?! My blood pressure started to shoot up but I never did ask her the question. I never had the guts to do so. Instead, I just sat there, totally shocked with her unfortunate “destiny”, and began telling her that everything’s gonna be alright. Too ironic! I was so surprised by myself! Despite from the anger that I felt because of her foolishness, I’ve said that?! Huh! Unbelievable!
Well, maybe deep down, I understood. Maybe deep down, I had somehow related. Maybe it’s an instinct for women to console each other no matter what foolishness each one had done….Women are women. All foolishes when it comes to love! However, let’s do our very best not to become a desperate housewife!
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