Dear John

Is it for real that true love comes only once in our lives?  That marrying your one true love occurs very rarely and only those chosen few are lucky enough to have had to.  I’ve heard plenty of stories of people who are so in love with someone but ended up marrying somebody else who they don’t love as much as they do with the former one.  Like this Nicholas Sparks’ classic, Dear John.

dear john nicholas sparks
Dear John
tells of a story of a once rebel child who turned into a responsible man in uniform.  Then the man met a woman who changed his life forever.  It was also summer when they met.  Eventually, they fell in love and shared the most wonderful experience they ever had in their lifetime.  Things were actually perfect until they had to part ways for the man’s military service and the woman’s studies.  Miles apart they were separated with the agony of waiting to see each other again.

dear john nicholas sparks1
Miles apart, they had the determination to make things work.

dear john nicholas sparks2
But fate was not so friendly to them that with all the circumstances they were in, they had to wait to express their love for later.

dear john nicholas sparks3
Promises were made, moments were shared, words were uttered, and lives were agitated.  There is always no guarantee that what you feel for a person now is what you will also feel for him/her tomorrow.  This just shows that in love, everything is uncertain.  We can never be sure of that kind of love to last forever.  No matter how you love so much, there will always be doubts.

dear john nicholas sparks4

If one surrenders, the story definitely ends.  Would it only be a memory?  An experience you’ll never ever forget?  An affair to look back to from time to time?  A story to re-read over and over again?  Or a past to revisit whenever you feel lost and alone?

dear john

I know you can still read me.  I know we still have that telepathy.  If we continue this unseen relationship and unsaid understanding, we could never move on with our lives.  So this should come from me.  It’s about time. Though still very painful, it’s about time.  Though I still don’t want to, it’s about time.  Go, find someone else.  Allow yourself to be happy.  Enjoy your life as much as you can.  As much as you want. Just break free!

But never think that I don’t love you anymore.  I can never not love you.  I can never not think of you.  But holding on to this “illusion” hinders us to grow up and explore more of what life has in store for us.  It’s about time to cross over and this starts with letting you go.  So as summer ends today, I am letting you go.  Time has never been good to us.  And as I do this, please bear in mind that you are always and will always be the only boy who loved me, the only boy who showed me how he loved me, the only boy who cared, and the only boy who dared.  Though I can’t find another, at least I had you for once in my life. 🙁

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