#tosom @ 4!

OMG!!!  It’s the 4th year anniversary of The Other Side of Mae!!!  I can’t believe we’re 4 years now, blog readers!!! 🙂  Thank you so much for reaching us this far!  Though I still don’t consider this “this far” yet ‘coz I’m still no par with my blogger idols, Patty Laurel and Laureen Uy but still, this means soooo much to me!  Imagine that?  People are reading bits and pieces of my itsy bitsy tiny life!  Like, who am I to be read?  Who am I to take some of your time?  Just, who am I to fuss over?!  I am very much overwhelmed with your unending love and support!

In lieu of this, I am opening an FB community page for all of you, dear blog readers so we can have a venue to share our thoughts and experiences.  In this page, you are all free to share what’s on your mind by telling your story or sending in your comments and suggestions.  It’s an open forum for all of us to vent from the hustle and bustle of our daily grind.  ‘Coz this is what this blog is all about – a breather from life’s stressors!

In The Other Side of Mae page, you will find 9 categories of a myriad of beautiful things I’m busy about.  These are as follows:

1.  #tosomprojects

#tosomprojects supports the causes and advocacies that care.  As a JCI past president, my heart longs for positive change.  The organization had instilled in my mind and heart that things can be better and we can also be better by beginning change within ourselves.  So this category is dedicated to community projects that also fit my interest.  These include relief operations and kids outreach but if you have other projects in mind, you may suggest in our page too.  I’m always flexible with that.  You know me.

With Rio De Barras, Thata Roxas, and Michael Fuentes

2.  #tosomreads

#tosomreads tells stories about the beauty of love and life.  I grew up a reader and fell in love with authors of various genres. I always emphasize to my students the relevance of reading, reading, and reading.  So this category is a review of good books and suggests must-reads for all ages.  Thanks to Kring2x for always lending me her books wholeheartedly! 🙂

Good Reads with Good Eats

3.  #tosomeats

#tosomeats tastes the real goodness of life in the making.  I don’t just eat out of necessity but I also eat out of curiosity.  I want to taste everything appealing or appalling.  May the food come from a fine-dining resto or from a humble pungko2x by the streets, I always eat for pleasure as long as I’m not in a hurry.  ‘Coz if it is a school day, I don’t have time to sit and eat.

Traveling Around Philippines and Asia to Eat

4.  #tosomtravels

#tosomtravels goes here, there, and everywhere!  From famous quotes “To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama, and “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – St. Augustine, I need not say more.

An Aspiring Travel Writer

5.  #tosomadventures

#tosomadventures dares to go beyond the limit.  I’m never into sports so I’m not a physically active person.  I’m only active doing jobs in school and chores in store and at home.  I’m also acrophobic and afraid of a lot of things except ghosts.  But if there is an opportunity to try something new, I would not say no.  So, dare me! 🙂

Trying Out a Brave Heart

6.  #tosomfeatures

#tosomfeatures highlights businesses, people, fashion, and basically anything under the sun!  This is a collection of my Feature Friday posts which Ozamiznons look forward to every week.  Local businesses of any kind are being featured to promote our very own city, the big OZ.  Features are voluntarily and willingly done so feel free to invite me whenever you’re up for publicity!  🙂

With Chef Jong Tang of Big Catch and Mr. Mark Tan of Rodeo Drive

7.  #tosomendorses

#tosomendorses shares trusted brands of products and services for consumer-awareness.  Years of going around facebooking and instagraming earned me loads of questions of where to go, what to do, what to eat, where to stay, how to get there, what to use, etc.  So this category is born to give you the best places, best people, best products, and best services (so far that I had come to encounter).  Thank you for your trust if I say so, everyone!  Hehe…..

With Dr. Elsie Mae Baraya-Sipe, Thata Roxas, DJ Carlo, Fr. Edgar, and Dr. Cherry Ann Tuba

8.  #tosomquotes

#tosomquotes states quotes to live by and quotes to ponder on.  This is a collection of my favorite quotes either heard or created by yours truly to remind us to live life to the fullest!

Photos Taken at Movenpick, Shangri-La, and Cafe Noriter

9.  #tosomposes

#tosomposes showcases fabulous finds for OOTD’s.  And this is the vainest part of me!

HMU by Marvel Deromol and Photos by Jerome of FCL

Truly, this is The Other Side of Mae!  The photos show that we had indeed come this far!  Oh, I’m doing this post for hours already and I’m still amazed of the many things we’ve done through the years!  Four years in this endeavor is not a joke.  Just take a look back to where we started.

Though I haven’t got the chance to have a weeklong anniversary celebration this year as I did before (‘coz of too much workload in school and store), it’s more than OK.  I had this whole day reserved just to reminisce how blessed I am to have all of you keeping up with me!  Hoping for more years to come with you, my dearest blog readers!

So, come and work with me, fantabulous individuals!  LIKE our community page in FB here! 🙂

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