My Year 3 of Katutubong Kasuotan

And here we are with our Katutubong Kasuotan once again.  This time, hindi ko po kina-reer ang outfit ko kasi naman po, my everyday routine means running to and fro school, store, home, vice versa plus an extra run to the bank that day.  Additionally, it was also blazing hot that day for a full-blast Filipiniana outfit to wear.  So I had the brilliant idea of making this casual wear into something fit for the occasion as it was for Buwan ng Wika.

The solution, just top it up with a kimona to wear and unwear for the convenience of “supergirl-wannabe” me who’s always on the go!

Then off I went to school and first bumped into Sir Jomz and Sir Jonathan so I had a photo op with them.

And of course, I didn’t fail to have our classroom pictorials.  First, I had it with my kulit Physics 1 IT students during their labs.

Second, I had it with my Physics majors during their 4.5-hour class marathon.

There ain’t no solo pic for me this year ‘coz I didn’t have the time to pose for a selfie since a Wednesday is a hectic one for me!  ‘Till next year of Katutubong Kasuotan, Lasallians! 🙂

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