Whimsical Wednesday: Barbara De Angelis’ Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know – A Reflection

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

1. Everything you need to be happy is inside of you.

My fault: I always thought that I was not happy and I cannot be happy because God doesn’t give me my heart’s desires and that is finding a husband and having kids of my own.

My realization: I will stop thinking that it is God whom to blame because first and foremost, it was just me who’s overly thinking that He will not give me the desires of my heart.

2. The purpose of life is for you to grow into the best human being you can be.

My fault: I always believed that it is to be in the image and likeness of God but I failed.  I’m only human who always falls short from His glory.  Though I still feel guilty on this, I chose to be in this way so just be it.

My realization: To foster my growth, I should get out from my well-shielded universe.  I must not be that too uptight and upright anymore.  I will allow myself to commit mistakes and fall for me to start living a life!

3. Change is inevitable, so stop resisting and surrender to life’s flow.

My fault: I remember feeling demoted when I got assigned at Senior High School.  Plus the change in faculty office, I felt that life has robbed me! I was like a ghost with unfinished business going back and forth to our former faculty office which was converted to a classroom at that time.

My realization:  If senior high did not happen, I won’t be able to experience that incident I had with Kin and with all the rowdy boys (including those of Chinese school’s) I’ve had before.  I should’ve enjoyed them and I should’ve known that they were only passersby in my life.

4. All obstacles are lessons in disguise – honor them and learn from them.

My fault: I always thought that God is punishing me every time I ran to a problem.  Then I also punish myself for the wrong and bad things I’ve committed that’s why I’m receiving them back.

My realization: I must not be easily shaken by the problems.  As what I’ve realized two years ago with my Papa’s condition, I should learn to ride with ‘em!

5. Your mind creates your experience of reality, so make your mind your friend.

My fault: The greatest fault I’ve ever had is to always think that I’m going to be an old maid teacher! That God wants me to be one! That I will be forever blaming Him for this!

My realization: I should, I must and I can stop thinking that I’m going to be an old maid teacher! So first step is to stop teaching! This will be the last semester or second to the last sem of teaching so I have to get out from Ozamiz!

6. Fear will steal your aliveness – make your courage bigger than your fear.

My fault: I always feared being an old maid teacher so look at me now! I also feared being alone and lonely.  I feared the unknown and uncertainties.  That’s why I’m still here in Ozamiz ‘coz I was alone and lonely in Cebu/Manila/Iligan.

My realization:  Fear is what’s making me stuck here in Ozamiz so I should never allow my fear to eat me up forever!

7. You must love yourself before you can truly give love or receive love from anyone else.

My fault: Finally, I found myself a “hilaw na boyfriend” (sorry for this description, babe) but it toppled me out of balance last year.  So I learned my lesson in loving myself first early this year when I broke up with him.  But I got back with him again then it happened again that I lost my balance.  Gladly this time, I learned how to manage.

My realization: When my man is pulling away, I will not feel threatened, disturbed and anxious.  I will give him space instead and I won’t fret.  I will not chase but just wait.  While waiting, I will take time with the company of myself, enriching myself and enjoying whatever it is on my plate at the moment.

8. All relationships are your mirrors and all people are your teachers.

My fault: I thought that “relationship” is only having somebody to love and to love you back.

My realization: I am in relationship with all the people around me and with all the things (living and nonliving) that surround me.  So I must treat everybody and everything as dear to me.

9. True freedom comes from how you respond to life and not what life does to you.

My fault: I have always been a complainant! I immediately react-acting again/st!

My realization: I should start to respond – act with responsibility.

10. Whatever the question, love is the answer.

My fault: I lost my love in life due to circumstances, unfulfilled dreams, ungranted wishes and ungiven desires.  I got tired and just settled.  I did not want to want anymore knowing that what I want won’t be given.

My realization: It’s all in the mind.  I’ve got to have a radical mind shift! As what Carrie Bradshaw said, “In just two years, monumental things can happen.  Things you couldn’t imagine happening in a million years.”! I am now ready and very thrilled for the next phase of my life! 🙂

Thank you so much to my newly-found soul sister, Quennie Grace for lending me this precious gem! And oops, she’s the creator of these yummy and healthy organic sweet potato crisps! Hop on to their Facebook page, Cake Machine! 🙂

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