Side Trip at Hải Dương Province

Hải Dương is a highly industrialized province in northern Vietnam where the country’s manufacturing companies are located.  It is like Cavite Economic Zone in Luzon and MEPZ in Cebu.  When we had that long drive to Ha Long from Hanoi, we stopped by one of the province’s factory, the Production Workshop for Disabled People.

As we entered the gate, a very big garden of statues welcomed us.  These are marble statues of various Buddhas, mythical creatures, and animals.

hai duong
And as we entered the workshop, we saw disabled people busily doing their craft.  I always admire non-government organizations and local government units who take time in creating projects for the disabled people.  I believe that they have talents that should be recognized and potential to be maximized so kudos to Hải Dương for giving them importance and treating them like normal people.

vietnam disabled peoplehai duong1
They were making handmade art like painting, embroidery, eggshell mosaic, and even fine jewelry of genuine gold and stones.

art vietnamhai duong2
Just like in Singapore Gems and Metals Company, you may also shop inside so you can bring some souvenirs home.  They ship to all corners of the world if you want the giant statues or other pottery to avoid breakage in hand-carrying them.  All you have to do is fill-in their form, pay the bill, and wait for the package to arrive in the convenience of your very own home.

vietnam provincehai duong3
But if you haven’t bought any stuff, you may drop a few of your bills to share your blessings to the disabled people working in here.

vietnam disabled people1
Always stay tuned for more of Vietnam only here on The Other Side of Mae! 🙂 #tosomtravels

hai duong vietnam

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