Whimsical Wednesday: Becoming Filipino Mini Presscon at LSU Ozamiz

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You often see him on YouTube as the “American” guy (‘coz we always regard foreigners as Americans) who speaks Bisaya very well and wows you for his videos on places nearby that we sometimes fail to look after.  He is actually a true-blooded Canadian citizen who doesn’t have any Philippine affinity but wants to become a Filipino.  An awardee of the recently concluded Choose Philippines Awards, he is none other than the Choose Philippines Best Pinoy at Heart, Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann!

In his third year of staying for the good of fun in our country, Kulas found his purpose.  Among the 29 countries he visited in his young life, it is only the Philippines that he made videos of, brags about, and endorses to other people simply because he fell in love with our country!  Yipey!!!  He got fascinated with our untouched nature, our rich culture, our exotic food, and most especially, he got captivated with us – the hospitable Filipino people!

Yes, it is us who made him stay and still making him stay long.  It is in us where he finds super kalipay (happiness) with all the smiles and super apirs (high five)!  And with that, I was very honored and happy to finally meet him in person last Thursday, December 15, 2016 at the Banquet Hall of La Salle University for the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s “mini presscon” on promoting tourism in Misamis Occidental.

Together with his British friend, Arron “Dagul” (who just arrived to also experience what Kulas is experiencing in our country), he gave a talk, inspiring students to explore around and try things they haven’t tried yet in the locality.  So here’s my amateur documentation on it:

Can you see the passion in what Kulas is doing?  Well, it takes more than passion for everything he does to our country especially here in Northern Mindanao!  With that, we salute you, Kulas for the big, big love you have for our country!  <3  Super apir!

After the presscon, Kulas and company tried to do wheeling with the trisikad.  It is a cycle rickshaw having many names in different regions in the country and other countries as well.  It is the main mode of transportation in Ozamiz City and also a common source of income for the locals.  Now here’s their experience in earning a living in our dear city, the #LaagNiDagul stunt in Awesomemiz:

Video via #BecomingFilipino YouTube Channel

Indeed, Kulas is a Filipino at heart!  It is always his reminder to “Share positive things and share happiness!”  If you’re gonna throw this to the world, then this will surely come back to you! 🙂  So always SMILE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Want to know more about Kulas and his crazy Philippine adventures? Do visit his blog here and YouTube channel here for super kalipay! 🙂

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