Whimsical Wednesday: Nostalgia

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

Nostalgic atmosphere hovering all over me as this song just popped out and played in my mind today.  I was in grade school, Grade 5 to be exact when this song was always number one in the billboard hits chart.  I used to memorize this song and sang along everytime it is being played on radio.  While singing I could imagine myself that when I grow up, I could be with someone special.

Then I grew up but until now, I haven’t have my fair share in the abstract noun so-called L-O-V-E.  And as I had narrated to you in my February blogs, I may had loved but love seemed to flee away from me.  However, being in love is such the most wonderful experience any person could have in his or her entire lifetime!  So, I am really nostalgic of those lovin’ feelin’, butterflies in the stomach, only-you-and-me-in-the-world moments, sleepless nights, and never-ending smiles which painted my face.

Could I ever experience those amazing things again?  Will my “Aladdin” still come and take me into a magic carpet ride?  But I guess, being 29 and NBSB is making me into the most dreaded thing I had when I was younger.  Maybe my student, Angel Feliciano was right.  When he was imagining me as a grumpy old lady with only cats as company.  Because the two things that I was so afraid of becoming before is exactly what I am today – a teacher and an old maid! 🙁

old maid

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And this ends my supposedly wedding June blogs!  No real wedding features at all but just tales of Just Weddings!

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