Faces of My Phases

The Showing-Much-Skin Phase

Tiny shorts, backless tops, mini skirts, and tube tops were my fave clothing items right after college.  Those were the days when I started to explore fashion in the cosmopolitan city of Cebu.  Trying to be radical, I experimented with the shortest things to reveal my legs which I’m proud to say, an asset of mine.  And, I was always talikodgenic so I also wanted to flaunt my flawless back!  I didn’t care what people might say because all I wanted was to be comfortable in what I wear and showing much skin did it best for me!

The Lady in Red Phase

When I became a member of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose, I went gaga over all sorts of red (My Royal Redness)!  This time, I became a party animal who walked as feisty and as fiery as RED!  Could you just imagine that I had traveled around the Philippine archipelago just to party???!!!  Partying all night, getting jaded the next day, meeting “big” people, feeling like a VIP – these were the things I made the most out of with to fully enjoy singlehood!!! 🙂

The Nutty Professor Phase

And here comes a behaved, prim, and proper phase (well, it’s not that I’ve never been prim and proper before)!  Whoa!!!  Yes, I could still wear shorts but now I hesitate.  Yes, I could still wear red but I don’t feel like wearing any red at all!  Aba, nag-MATURE!!!  Haha!  So, why on earth is this?  Maybe I’ve come to a point of getting over with the things I used to do, to wear, and to go crazy about.  Maybe “growing up” had gotten into me thus making me act my age.  And that is just it!  Though I miss playing around from time to time, I just have to think that I’ve been there, done that, and I’m through with that!  So here comes a brand new face for the phases of my life!

And what could be next to this?  Just keep on reading maeolandesca.com! 🙂

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