Thursday Tidbits: Final Exam Blues

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final exam blues

Another school year is about to end!  Perhaps some of you have plans for the upcoming summer vacation already and are now excited for it.  But before enjoying the carefree summerrific life, you have to undergo tedious final exams first.

For some students who had performed well since the beginning of the school year, they have little worries for the finals.  But for the others who hadn’t given their best yet, finals is their only chance in order for them to pass their subjects.  It is a time to catch up wherein projects are also given to make up for ailing but not yet failing grades.

With all the busyness, students cram for final exams.  They do overnight group studies and try to insert all lessons taught to them in their already panicked minds.  They just memorize without understanding and just study without learning.  At the end, they go “mental blocked” (as what they termed it) during the exams.  Then cramming would be proven inefficient.

So how should we study efficiently?  How is it done without sacrificing and exerting too much effort?  Years of experience in diligent studying had enabled me to come up with the following STUDY TIPS:

  1. Listen to your teachers well.  All teachers mean well.  They feed you with lessons as best as they can.  Everything is being discussed in class and all you’ve got to do is just listen.  Through listening properly, your self-study time would be lessened.
  1. Manage your time better.  Allot an hour or two of your time each day to study the lessons your class had covered for the day.  In this way, you will gain better understanding of your lessons one at a time.  Advance studying aids you not to cram.
  1. Participate in group studies.  No man is an island.  Two heads are better than one.  In this way, you may help others while the others may help you too.  It is also a chance to socialize a bit so you won’t be fed up with too much studying.
  1. Avoid taking medications for the brain.  This would only give psychological effect.  Better save your liver and turn to the natural ones instead like peanuts and chocolates.
  1. Relax and do not overstudy.  A relaxed mind can focus and function well.  Study wisely by getting the gist of all subject matters and connecting them with each other.  Always take note of key words that you can easily remember.  Do not try to absorb everything.  Just keep it simple and keep your cool.

If you’ll follow the above tips my dear student readers, you’ll surely pass all your subjects with flying colors.  Fight final exam blues by preparing ahead of time!

Just a reminder: NEVER RESOLVE INTO CHEATING.  Your teachers know very well who among you does it.  Some teachers may confront and humiliate you in public, some may report you to the guidance counselor for sanctions, and some may just choose to be silent.  And being silent means greater vengeance.  Do bear in mind that you are only at the tip of your teachers’ ballpoint pen.

So, help yourself by sweating a bit.  For what you sow is what you reap.  Enjoy studying and good luck in your final exams!

Photos Grabbed from Fatima Jumadil
Photos Grabbed from Fatima Jumadil
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