Get Prettified: Start With Your Skin!

They say “Black is beautiful”.  But being born one, I never agree with that.  Since childhood, I long to be white for I always shed tears because of the other kids calling me names (see 29 Years and Counting).

So, I sneaked into using my mother’s bleaching soap.  I rubbed it very forcefully on my skin that harmed it and made it even blacker.  Too silly of me!  I didn’t read the directions first before using it that was why, damage was done.  I had a phobia of using whitening products since then.

But in high school and college, I attempted to pursue my whitening career and started using papaya soaps and whitening lotions.  But nothing happened.  So I didn’t take it seriously and just adapted the pretense, “So what if I’m black?!”

Last year after seeing the effect of glutathione to my high school friend Cherry Ann, I got challenged.  I thought thrice so why not make a change for once in my life?  Timely, UNO came to Ozamiz so I registered.  Three months of taking UNO glutathione capsules had its effects already and I was so damn glad!

glutathione result

Afterwards, Ruth introduced another networking business which was Royale.  I shifted into it for its glutathione capsules have higher dosage than UNO’s and I was taking ‘em for one whole year!  After three months of stopping glutathione medication, my skin is still fairer than ever!  All I need to do now is to maintain it that’s why I asked the help of my friend, Marie Celle “MM” Mosqueda to give me tips on how to pamper my skin.

ROYALE glutathione

glutathione result1MM and I became friends through the organization Junior Chamber International (JCI).  Through Jaycee functions, she had introduced to me some skin care tips.  She’s afraid of taking synthetic capsules so she had created natural beauty regimens that are budget-friendly.  The following are as follows:
MM’s Skin Secret # 1 – Honey and Brown Sugar Scrubhoney brown sugar scrub
Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals that are wonderful beauty aids that nourish the skin.  It is rich and thick, making it an effective moisturizer.  On the other hand, brown sugar is a coarse type of sugar that is colored with molasses and does not contain chemical preservatives that may irritate the skin.  It exfoliates the dead skin cells that paves the way for smoother and more supple skin.  Gently rub this concoction in your skin after bath, rinse only once, and off you get that renewed skin you’ll surely love!
MM’s Skin Secret # 2 – Milk Bathmilk bath
Milk as we all know is very nutritious.  Even during the ancient times, Cleopatra had bathed in milk to make her skin soft to entice her lovers.  The fat and protein in milk hydrates the skin that prevents dryness.  In addition, the lactic acid also helps exfoliate the skin for additional softness.  So just simply pour some of the goodness of milk on your skin!


MM’s Skin Secret # 3 – Milk Salt Scrub

milk salt
Milk salt is a ready-to-use product that you can conveniently buy in the grocery or any beauty shops.  It scrubs the dead layer of the skin away to give it a bright glow!  Just scrub this in dark areas like elbows and knees to have them evenly fair with the other parts of your body.  Moreover, scrubbing this on your gams can also reduce the build-up of cellulites.  All you’ve got to do is to be patient in scrubbing but just scrub only twice a week.  Just a warning, scrubbing too often will damage the skin cells so do not overdo it.


MM’s Skin Secret # 4 – Tea Leavestea facial mask

Tea leaves have natural extracts that make the skin firm and prevents sagging.  It contains tannin which has anti-inflammatory effects that contracts body tissues.  Through that, tea leaves also reduce eye-bags.  Just boil some tea leaves, let it cool a bit, and pat on your skin.  Leave it for only 5 minutes and rinse.  After that, you can feel your skin tightened and refreshed!

With the aforementioned MM’s Skin Secrets, I can now maintain the fairness and firmness of my skin naturally.  Thanks to my beauty expert friend, MM who generously shared her treasured secrets to me.  In return, I am revealing to her my secret too.  It all comes from a bar of my very own Miss B Kojic Acid Soap (see My Fascino – Miss B Kojic Acid Soap).

fascino kojic acid soap

Kojic Acid, Glutathione, and Placenta In One!

And to you my dear readers, try one or two of MM’s Skin Secrets after taking a richly moisturized bath of Miss B Kojic Acid Soap.  Get Fascinofied while being prettified for being pretty starts from having good and healthy skin!

beauty regimen in the kitchen

Beauty Regimen in the Kitchen

 For more kitchen beauty regimen, click here for 10 DIY face masks that whitens skin! 🙂

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