With One Hello

When I was little, my parents constantly warned me never to talk to strangers.  So I tend to be snobbish to people I newly met.  Much more, my mom always told me to choose my friends.  So I never made the first moves to win a friend.  But with my good-natured personality, I attracted real good friends.  I am so lucky that by far, all of them are of good influence to me.  All of them are righteous and all of them love me as I am.

But those friends were mostly girls and gays.  I never initiated to be friendly with boys so I won’t be misunderstood as flirty.  Well, I do have some boy friends but my relationships with them are just limited to “hi”, “hello”, and “how are you?”  Until came such a time that one “hello” from a boy had got me big time!

It was summer of 2009 when I first met him.  It was just an ordinary sunny afternoon when somebody introduced me to him.  I was at the brink of letting go some big dreams at that time and I considered my future uncertain.  To be exact, I was at the crossroads of my life.

Recalling that first moment of meeting him, it was just zilch!  I didn’t look forward to seeing nor meeting him again.  It never crossed my mind that that one afternoon would lead to more sunny days in my once gloomy life.

Then we met again.  I was not friendly to him and he was not friendly to me.  Our meetings were just casual – just merely professional.  He snobbed, I snobbed.  He ignored, I ignored.  I didn’t even get to notice him among the crowd!  One day, something terrible happened.  I didn’t know what got into him that he empathized me.  And that was the start of him befriending me.

Despite of my ill-temperament towards him, he was persistent.  Though I drove him away, he stayed.  So I got to know him.  He was such a hilarious person!  He’s got plenty of weird stuffs in his head that he ought to tell.  Eventually, I listened.  Oh, why did I even bother?!  It was all because he was so kulit!  So kulit whom you couldn’t resist to entertain.

So I entertained him because I was confident that he was harmless.  And for the first time in my life, I had a textmate and a phonepal.  Corny as this may, but I was flattered.  Flattered to have someone making me smile for the very first time.  Then the stranger became my friend.  From his simple “hello” to sweet smiles, I felt alive. Because somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, and all our jokes, I fell in love!

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