Cooking with Fresh Herbs

My First Four Purchased Herbs from Ms. Madel Aguila-Lim

Growing plants is never my forté.  As I remember, we were tasked to bring a pot of bougainvillea by our Grade 5 teacher, Mrs. Salve F. Te Roa.  She instructed us to transfer our plants around our new classroom because she wanted bougainvillea flowers to bloom around us.  So she asked us to take good care of each of our plant by watering it everyday.  Then we did so.  My plant’s seatmate was Kirk’s.  As days passed by, his plant started to sprout new leaves but mine didn’t.  He advised me to sing to my plant as he was doing but I was never gifted with a beautiful voice like his.  And as weeks passed by, his bougainvillea started to bloom flowers but mine never had any progress.  Poor unfortunate me!  That was the end of my planting endeavor!

Twenty-three years after, I challenged myself to try putting my hands on plants again.  Since I always loved cooking and this time I can say that this is my forté, I’m cooking since grade school and it has always been my problem to find some ingredients like herbs that are not available in our local market.  Gladly, herbs became trending nowadays through Pinterest and a CCF sis of mine is leisurely growing herbs in her garden, the reason why I got inspired in growing some too.  With that, I got hooked into hunting more and using fresh herbs in cooking.  Now here are some of the dishes I experimented with in our kitchen using some fresh herbs from my very own tiny garden!  Yes, I can now give life to plants!  🙂

Fresh Garden Salad with Dill
Egg Omelet with Sage and Fresh Mint Tea
Scrambled Egg with Chinese Sausage and Tarragon
Pinaupong Bisayang Manok with Oregano
Ginataang Lambay with Lemongrass and Leeks
Stir-Fried Leftover Lechon with Thai Basil

Looks luscious, eh?  Gah!!!  I’m also salivating here!  Looking forward for more dishes to cook with my fresh herbs!  You may pm me for the recipes if I couldn’t post ’em here yet.  And ooops, a friend asked me where she could purchase mint.  Well, I successfully propagated some and here’s the first fruit of my gardening endeavor!

Mint for Sale at P50 only! 🙂

Thank you, Lord for breaking all curses and giving life to the fullest in the mighty name of Jesus! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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