Good Friday: Via Crusis

Via Crusis or Stations of the Cross is a series of sculptural representations of Jesus’ 14 ways to the cross.  Nowadays, this has become a Lenten tradition of the Roman Catholics observed by the pious offering of prayers in every station on Good Friday.  But as a non-catholic, I also don’t do this custom as posted yesterday.  So what I am going to post today are the stations of the cross that I had visited.

Stations of the Cross #1 Camiguin Walkway

This is located in Mount Vulcan or the so-called “Old Volcano” in the island of Camiguin.  During the Holy Week, pilgrims flock to this place for the Panaad (Promise) Festival.walkway camiguin

Stations of the Cross #2 MVC-MCCI Via Crusis
This is located in Assumption Heights, Buru-un, Iligan City.  Just a few meters away from Maria Cristina Falls, this flight of stairs was created for foot travelers to the Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation-Maria Cristina Chemicals, Inc. industrial plants complex.iliganstationsofthecross

Stations of the Cross #3 Linabo Peak
This is located in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.  The 3003 steps here lead to the highest elevation point of the city, bringing a breathtaking view.  Just like the Camiguin Walkway, local devotees also observe Katkat Sakripisyo (Sacrificial Climb) during the Holy Week in this hill.linabo peak

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