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Super bad hair days!  That’s one of the problems I’m facing these past few weeks aside from the random ramblings I have ‘coz of my students.  Due to annual rebonding, my hair got so rough, unmanageable, frizzy, dry, and super damaged!  I couldn’t even continue to comb it to the tips ‘coz it gets tangled so I just let it be.  In fact, one of my students caught my attention and said, “Ma’am, are you too busy not to have time to comb your hair?”  Well, that’s a way too embarrassing for a “model” teacher like me, right?  So, I tried a way to solve this problem and thanks to Natalie Salon Ozamiz for coming to the rescue!

natalie salon ozamiz
Natalie opened March of last year and rumors had it that the salon charges higher compared with the other salons already in town.  For a not-so-into-splurging-on-vanity person like me, I didn’t bother to try the services of the salon.  But my peers also said that the money you’ll spend would be very worth it since the salon uses imported high-quality products.  Plus, the hairdressers will also advise you on what to do to take good care of your hair.  If you go to the salon and request for a rebond and if they see that your hair is already damaged, they will not do the rebonding but treat your hair instead.  In that way, you can prevent further damage and get healthy hair!

natalie salon ozamiz2

Excuse Me for Checking Test Booklets.  I Was Trying to Save Time Then.
As for the case of my already ridiculous hair, Don the hairdresser did treatment with argan oil.  Argan oil is the latest trend in hair treatment that promises to revitalize dead hair.  Hehe….  (For I already considered my hair dead!)  Anyway, it brings back natural smoothness of hair and eases split ends.  It’s the best way to solve my problem and apart from getting treatment, Don also retouched the color of my hair.  People always say that black hair makes me look fiercer, resulting for them not to approach me.  So I had it browned.  With my new hair color, I saw some light on my face!  Haha!  I’m not that bad old maid teacher anymore as you think!  Just badass!  Hahaha!natalie salon ozamiz3

Finally, my hair breathes again!  That’s how I felt after the session.  It already has volume and bounce.  Salon gorgeous hair is what I have now, also bringing back self-confidence somehow.  And for the money issue?  It certainly was worth it as also a treat to myself!  Thanks Don for the help! 🙂

Visit Natalie Salon Ozamiz along Don Anselmo Bernad Avenue and also try their TruGel nail polish for your mani and pedi.  TruGel doesn’t easily wear off from your nails and it’s only Natalie that has this miracle polish in the city.

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