Getting Started

2004 – T’was the year that I first read a blog of Atomic Girl at I was searching for Atom Araullo and her blog appeared wherein she talked about seeing Atom in campus. Well, she’s another Atom fanatic. Good for her, she also went to the same university as Atom was. Bad for me, I failed to be in that university so until now I haven’t seen Atom in person.

Anyway, since I read Atomic Girl’s blog, I started writing mine but only in a notebook. Unfortunately, that first blog notebook I had was burned due to bad circumstances.

2011 – I came to a blog site of Patty Laurel here at Not coincidentally, she also had a connection with Atom Araullo. I literally wasted my time with her blog and this inspired me to create my own blog.

Anyhow, since high school I have compositions – poems, songs, script, etc. All of these were written on paper – some drafts I even keep until now. Maybe this is now the time for publishing.

What will I write in my blog? What will I want people to know? Perhaps I’m gonna write my compositions here. Perhaps I’m gonna write about the places I had been to. Perhaps I’m gonna write about people that might be of interest to the public.

I’m so excited for this new endeavor! I hope I’m gonna have readers. I hope this blog will turn out great!

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