A Reflection on “Frère: De La Salle Patron Saint of Teachers”

Two weeks ago in our Lasallian Philosophy of Education class, we were told to write our reflection on a certain film that we had viewed during our class’ second session.  Last Sunday, our teacher, Br. Jaime Dalumpines, FSC returned our papers but before handing the papers to us, he read to the whole class my work without mentioning my name.  He said that it was well-written and deserves to be posted in the school’s website or make it into a tarpaulin even.  I was so elated by his words and was about to shed tears of joy.  But I pretended not to feel those things of course so my classmates won’t tell that it was my work Br. Jimmy was reading.

While my work was being read, I couldn’t describe what I felt for such recognition and honor.  I had been writing all my life but it seems like I am a clanging cymbal just making noise in this  universe.  It seems like I’m always knocking and knocking for people to let me in.  It seems like I’m posting and posting to get attention for this little blog of mine.  Not that I don’t have readers.  Of course I have!  But it’s different when you will be applauded for a job well done.

So for those who want to read what I’ve written, here it is.  I’ll just take the effort in posting this here in my very own website so you will be the first readers of this “workmanship”.

I’m fond of collecting quotations and these are the lines I picked up from the short animated film, Frère:  De La Salle Patron Saint of Teachers:

“They carry my loads but I don’t carry theirs.”

I may not be the child who was born with a golden spoon in the mouth but I do have house help and store help.  Sometimes, I take them for granted and miss to communicate the language of love to them.  I think I must be more understanding when they ask for cash advance.  Hehe…..

“Sometimes, it’s hard to discern God’s will.”

Whenever I’m in doubt of this teaching profession, I just remind myself to just go on.  Until now, I’m still asking if this is really God’s will for me.  But I am now on my sixth year so I guess, this is according to His plan.

“Life moves in cycle.  Life and death and new life.”

Apart from the Rel. Ed. classes I had way back in high school, I gained more understanding from the life and works of St. John Baptist De La Salle now that I am already working here.  It’s just so great to take part in his mission.  Though St. La Salle left the world ages ago, his mission lives on through the brothers, faculty, staff, and students of the De La Salle schools.

“LOVE the young people you teach.”

In fulfilling God’s call and St. La Salle’s mission, LOVE is all we need.  Without love, it would not be easy for us to heed the call.

Though you might say that this is only shallow, think what you think it is.  But for me, I am not writing to please everyone because I do know that there is that someone, somewhere who will be touched if I am writing from the heart!

Now here’s the trailer of Frère:  De La Salle Patron Saint of Teachers by the School of Design and Arts Animation Department of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde via YouTube.


Happy 65th Birthday, Br. Jimmy! :)
Happy 65th Birthday, Br. Jimmy! 🙂
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