Twilight Melody: A Solo Act by Ted Nudgent Fernandez Tac-an

When was your darkest moment? What if you were told that it was coming — that your name was on the list? What if it was just outside your house and was about to knock on your door? What if your darkest moment would mean your life?

Twilight Melody is the carillon chimes of every human being’s nightmare — wished to wake up from and forget. It is inspired by some Filipino stories about wars against drugs.

Performed mainly in English with some Filipino and Cebuano.

Advisory: Strong themes and language.

— Synopsis by Sir Ted Nudgent Fernandez Tac-an

Mind-boggling, nerve-wracking, record-breaking! Twilight Melody gives you the chills! This 20-minute solo act by Sir Ted encapsulates the battle of the Philippine government against illegal drugs. Portraying at least 3 characters filled with metaphors and the like, Sir Ted “the actor” delivered a message of awareness and conviction to the audience. It is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get spectacle from which you as the spectator is free to create your own interpretation. What an excellent performance, Sir Ted Nudgent Fernandez Tac-an! Thank you so much for sharing the love of theater arts to us! 

Meet our vlogger, Ronald “Donya Balyena” who is a Bisaya Content Creator. With over hundreds of YouTube subscribers, he’s a gem of Mis. Occ. bloggers! Thank you so much for collaborating with us, dear! 

‘Twas indeed an art appreciation night! Thank you so much to our audience for sharing your golden time with us. To more events like this in the future! 

Special thanks to K Café for our venue! And thanks to Dr. & Mrs. Gascal for gracing our event! 

The Actor with my Ever Supportive Family

Oh, these smiles and laughs are only the beginning! Cheers to our very first organized event, Misamis Occidental B/Vloggers! Collaboration indeed works magic!  Thank you so much, guys for the success of this project!

Donya Balyena in Q & A with Sir Ted after the Act

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