Lambing-Soft Moment

This lambing-soft moment with my 3-year old nephew was captured by him.  It was so picture-perfect given that he took it using the back camera of my iPhone.  It was taken during a birthday party of my uncle when Reija realized that no one’s looking after him.

Reija was born in Japan last October 19,2009.  He was a God-given blessing to my cousin who wanted to have children so much but had the difficulty in making his wife conceive.  Thankfully, God answered our prayers and gave us a very healthy baby boy who always gives us joy!

And it was a great joy to have Reija under the custody of my cousin’s parents for the meantime here in the Philippines.  My cousin and his wife left Reija and his baby sister last January of this year because they found it too hard to raise two children in Japan.  They couldn’t afford to have their children be overseen by some random babysitters for they wanted personal care and personal touch from people who would truly care.  Moreover, it is a hassle for their daily lives to have two children at home for both of them have to go out and work for a living.

Anyway, back to my uncle’s party.  Reija was playing with the other kids.  He was having too much fun that he didn’t take notice of me and just snobbed me.  When eating time came, the kids were being hailed by their moms and Reija was left all alone.  I was just observing him and saw that he was perplexed with what was going on.  He just looked from one kid to another with their moms holding their hand and asking them what would they like to eat.  He was baffled why there was nobody to get him up.  Until he saw me watching from a far.  Then he ran up to me, sat on my lap, and hugged me too tightly.

It was so heartbreaking to feel his hug!  It was as if he wanted to tell me that he misses his mom so much but he couldn’t utter the words.  I felt that he wanted to tell me how he wants to go back home but he didn’t know what to say.  So I just hugged him back so tightly and so tenderly.  He did not cry while I was about to cry.  But I stopped the tears that welled up my eyes from falling for I don’t want him to understand that the situation is pitiable for him.  All I wanted was to make him feel loved and being taken care for.

After the hug, he grabbed my phone.  I told him, “Let’s take photo nalang” and switched the camera on.  Then he took the phone and snapped this lambing-soft moment.  A moment that will be forever etched in my heart with my nostalgic nephew who found refuge on his tita!  Maybe he will not remember this moment as he will grow up.  But even just for that time-fleeting moment, we had shared something very special.  A quick bond that could boost the morale of a child, reminding him that he is being loved! 🙂

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