Whimsical Wednesday: Our 7 Gifts for Christmas

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

And Christmas is really in the air!  It is now 7 days to go before Christmas and I’m starting to get giddy over it!  It is just like reliving my childhood again since I missed the spirit of Christmas last year due to an unfavorable happening and my immature reaction toward it.  But anyway, I had promised last January that I will not let anything or anyone ruin my Christmas this year anymore.  So, I started the month with good vibes and thanks to my BSEd Major in Physics students for helping me out with a positive jump start!  As early as December 4, we brought little somethings for our manito/manita which reminds me of My 12 Days of Christmas last 2011.

Our something sweet…..

…..to make us care for each other.

Our something salty…..

…..to make us affect each other in a good way.

Our something long…..

…..for us to have longer lives.

Our something soft…..

…..for us to soften our hearts to unlikely people or situation.

Our something spicy…..

…..to make us desirable and in demand to the society.

Our something round…..

…..to enable us to acquire fortune not just on earth but also in heaven.

As a culmination to our Kris Kringle activity, we agreed to have a mini Christmas party after our educational tour at DXDD AM and FM which I will be featuring soon.  So we headed to Jollibee for a fun early lunch to celebrate Christmas in advance.

What we did was a round table (but we didn’t had a literal round one) game prepared by Melvie wherein we had to answer Miss Universe questions kind of thing!  It was great having this game for we divulged some private secrets and somehow shared some insights in life.  It’s a getting-to-know-you-more thingy that let us see who a person really is.

And these are my new loves – Melvie, Denes, Salome, Reina, Godessa, and Aldeon!  As you may recall, I had promised to myself not to be overly emotionally attached to my students anymore since I had suffered some separation anxiety when my original loves went off to college.  But who can resist loving such lovables?  I guess this is such normal because people do really come and go.  But what matters most is the love that you have for each other that there’ll be no distance nor time to ever separate you apart!

Our seventh gift…..

…..for us to be reminded of the beautiful bonding that we shared! 🙂
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