Flights of Fantasy Parade

Now here’s a vid of Hong Kong Disneyland’s parade of characters  from my sissy April.  Feel like a child again by clicking on play below! 🙂 More blog entries to come on our HK-Macau family vacation! 🙂 Related Posts: Getting Around Hong Kong Disneyland How Disneyland Started Disney in the Stars Fireworks The Disney Princesses What Made […]

Monday Matters: How Disneyland Started

Monday Matters is dedicated to all things that matter. Once upon a time, there was an artistic cheerful boy named Walter Elias “Walt” Disney.  Walt was born to a humble family of Irish-Canadian and German-English descent.  In his early years, he was already drawn to the world of vaudeville and motion pictures by his school mate […]

I Faced My Fear and Conquered It!!!!!

I just conquered my fear of heights (acrophobia)!!!!!  I survived a minute-or-so dare zipping!!!!  Hurrah toDahilayan Adventure Park for helping me unravel an other side of me!!!  And that is being brave in facing my fear and really beating it!!!! More of our Dahilayan adventure in my next blog posts…… 🙂 Related Posts: Dahilayan Adventure […]